BASF polyurethane solutions enhance natural disast

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BASF polyurethane solutions improve the ability to resist natural disasters

Anhui has suffered a blizzard, and ultra light poles help restore power supply in one day

porous and permeable elastopave helps to improve urban road safety and overcome the challenge of waterlogging

Chinaplas 2018 International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition BASF booth: 4 there are a wide variety of plugs and sockets from April 24 to 27, Shanghai, China National Convention and Exhibition Center 7.2j61

Shanghai, China - April 3, 2018 - under the extreme weather conditions in Central China earlier this year, BASF polyurethane (PU) material solutions help improve the city's ability to resist natural disasters. At Chinaplas 2018 International Rubber and plastic exhibition, BASF will launch the latest infrastructure solutions that can effectively deal with the changeable climate

one of the core exhibits is the electric pole made of BASF elastolit polyurethane material with unique filament winding technology. Compared with the traditional concrete structure, this kind of polyurethane power pole is extremely light and tough. It can stand up in natural disasters such as Blizzard and wind, and the installation is simple and fast, which is convenient for erection and construction in remote areas

in January 2018, a large-scale snowstorm hit Anhui Province in Central China with an average altitude of 550 meters, destroying nearly 250 cement power poles, resulting in the interruption of power supply in the mountainous areas of the province. After the danger, BASF's local partner Anhui Huike Hengyuan composite material Co., Ltd. quickly transported 40 electric poles made of BASF elastolit material to the rugged disaster area, each weighing only 250kg, less than 1/4 of the weight of traditional cement electric poles. The extremely light weight reduces the demand for transportation manpower and lifting equipment. These electric poles were erected within 20 hours, and the power supply in the disaster area was restored in less than days after two instruments of the same model or sufficient spare parts were required - five days faster than the traditional electric poles. The new pole stood the test of the long and severe winter

BASF will also launch the elastopave intelligent polyurethane solution specially created for the "China sponge City Initiative" at the exhibition. The initiative aims to achieve at least 70% rainwater recycling, thereby eliminating the risk of urban waterlogging. The porous permeable structure of elastopave is very conducive to rainwater infiltration. It is estimated that the average water absorption per hour can reach 4000 liters/m2, which is enough to supplement the aquifer and improve the water circulation system. Long term use can create a greener and cooler environment. This scheme also helps to eliminate water puddles and reduce highway tires. If you need measuring equipment such as spring fatigue tester to slip, so as to improve road safety. At present, elastopave has been used in Moganshan Road of the famous West Lake scenic spot in Hangzhou, China, to help Hangzhou build a sponge city

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