Daily consumer goods should not be over packaged

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Consumer goods should not be over packaged

recently, the author found that the price of 0.625kg bag of edible salt sold in Sanmenxia City, Henan Province increased from 1.0 yuan to 1.3 yuan, and some areas even snapped up the edible salt packaged in the previous bag. The author learned that the price of edible salt is expected to reach 96.9gwh in 2020, mainly due to the replacement of the outer packaging of edible salt. The specific reason is that the manufacturer claimed that in order to improve the quality, the outer packaging of salt was changed from woven bag to carton composite film small packaging. As the price of raw materials of composite film increased greatly and was produced by "designated" manufacturers, the packaging cost was increased, resulting in the price rise of salt. The price of salt has gone up, but who can not eat salt? Some people said with a smile: "the packaging of this salt is changed into gold and silver. We have to eat it!" Thus, the most vital, specific and direct interests of the people are so grandly and skillfully taken by the relevant monopoly or power departments

nowadays, among the dazzling commodities on the market, luxury packagers are everywhere: tea, tobacco, wine and other commodities are not only packaged with high-grade materials, but also "icing on the cake". Some commodities have little value in themselves, but their packaging value and configured commodities have accounted for 70% - 80% of the total selling price. The author believes that there is still a large market space for the development of the extruder industry, and it is reasonable to pack some luxury goods better. The packaging of daily consumer goods is related to the vital interests of the people. If it is so excessive, it is obviously contrary to the general goal of developing circular economy and building an energy-saving society advocated at present

therefore, the author suggests that daily consumer goods should be properly packaged

I. restrict or stop excessive packaging by law. Industry standard staff and industry associations seriously formulate and implement mandatory national standards for the packaging of industry-related products. The government should improve and perfect the corresponding laws and regulations, and impose mandatory constraints on excessive packaging from the legal level

II. Government departments intervene in excessive packaging by economic means, and impose resource protection fees, out of scope operation fees (taxes), fines for excessive packaging, etc. on enterprises with excessive packaging. Implement the production and operation enterprise system for the treatment of packaging waste. Use the economic lever Jinan assay to tell you how to distinguish the quality of the test machine fixture, guide the enterprise to calculate the cost and make a reasonable commodity pricing. Impose a high consumption tax on consumers from the perspective of luxury consumption and adjust the consumption structure. In this way, adjust the excessive packaging from the two links of production and consumption, which not only meets the needs of the market, but also increases the tax. At the same time, the price department should carefully verify the value and price of commodities, and strictly investigate and deal with the acts and practices of raising prices and cheating the masses in the name of excessive packaging

III. give full play to the role of industry associations, make industry constraints on enterprises producing, operating and using packaging through the packaging industry and various business associations, and support and encourage them to produce and use appropriate packaging

IV. starting from the source of packaging design, packaging design should consider people's reasonable consumption needs, the selected packaging materials, packaging containers and structures should match the packaged goods, minimize the use of packaging materials, and use recyclable and recyclable environmental protection materials as much as possible

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