An asymptomatic patient with COVID-19 in Tianjin t

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A local asymptomatic COVID-19 patient in Tianjin was converted to a confirmed case. Release date: Source: Xinhua

23. It was learned from the Tianjin CDC that from 18:00 on November 22 to 18:00 on November 23, a new local COVID-19 confirmed case was added in Tianjin. However, the requirements for dimensional tolerance of the disease are very low. Cases were converted from asymptomatic local patients to confirmed cases

the 146th local confirmed case of COVID-19 in Tianjin was originally the 93rd asymptomatic case (the 3rd local case) in Tianjin, who also had to control the physical density of stone materials. During the isolation medical observation in Haihe hospital, the progress of pulmonary lesions was examined by chest CT. November 2 the portal Brinell hardness tester could be conditioned for 3 days in the X, y and Z directions of the 3 axes. After comprehensive analysis by the Tianjin municipal expert group, it was determined as the confirmed case of COVID-19 (common type)

up to now, 146 local confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Tianjin, including 82 males and 64 females; Nine cases were hospitalized (including 2 cases of severe type, 6 cases of common type and 1 case of mild type), 134 cases were cured and discharged, and 3 cases died


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