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How to find the right positioning of network marketing

with the rapid development of network, more and more enterprises that can switch real-time graphics dynamically in the test began to pay attention to network marketing. However, due to the lack of professionals and unclear understanding of network marketing, many enterprises invested in network marketing, but did not achieve the desired results. Later, they only complained that network promotion was not good. What were the mistakes of these enterprises? In fact, it's because they didn't take the first step of marketing. Not only the indication error can meet the demand step: marketing positioning

now China has 200million people and is growing rapidly. If the first step of positioning cannot be done well in network marketing, huge funds will be wasted and ideal results will not be achieved

there are many such enterprises that do not have any positioning for their own marketing. They just require that the higher the number of visits to their own stations, the better. Once there was a company that did computer sales, and asked the author to help promote the search engine for movie keywords. So, I promoted it there. When people watch movies, they should have nothing to do to look at my computer. It feels like a very funny problem, Such promotion may lead to blind cats and dead mice. It really has a little effect, but what is the probability? Another time, a friend said to the author that the author's station has just been completed, and he needs to help the author get some traffic quickly to make the calculator run faster. The author said, what are you eager for? He said, with traffic, you can make money quickly. The author said, can you make money with traffic? How many popular and unprofitable stations ended up closing down? This friend could only smile dumbly

in people's general understanding, network marketing is to demand popularity and traffic for their own stations. However, they have always ignored a fundamental problem. Is it traffic or profit that they want

the positioning of Internet marketing mainly includes the positioning of search engine promotion and e-mail marketing, as well as the media positioning of Internet advertising

with the arrival of the Internet marketing era, the search power economy has become another economic hot spot after the attention economy and the eyeball economy. It can be said that the main way of Internet marketing is search engine marketing. Let's talk about the marketing positioning of search engine promotion first. Search engine promotion is actually the promotion of target customers based on keyword search. It is the most effective and targeted network marketing method at present. The key to the marketing positioning in search engine promotion is to find the keywords that are most easy to use by target customers, so that customers can find you and make your promotion most effective. Once there was an enterprise that did lamps and lanterns, and asked us to help with search engine promotion. The keywords set are as follows: the best lamp manufacturer, the best lamp manufacturer, and the best lamp supplier. Imagine that if such keywords are used for search engine promotion, the effect can be imagined. In terms of keyword selection, attention should be paid to the following aspects:

1. Avoid blindly pursuing hot keywords; Using email to search for customers can effectively improve control accuracy and save energy. Operation method: search the customer station + mailbox. If the customer station is, you can search the "mailbox"

2. Avoid choosing keywords with too many attributes; The more attributives, the less likely they are to be used

3. Do market research to find the keywords most easily used by customers. In this regard, it is recommended that search engines can provide relevant data, but these are the secrets of search engines. Hope is not great. We still need to make our own efforts. There are some usage rankings in Baidu's more search results, but they are not accurate, which can be used as a reference

after selecting the keywords, the next step is to locate the media search engine. The products are more traditional, the technical content is not very high, and the target customers' cultural level is general. It is recommended to use the portal to promote the landing, because the general people with low cultural level use the portal to search more, and those with sufficient funds can adopt Baidu's competitive ranking. The effect is good, but the investment is relatively large. For enterprises with high product technology content and high knowledge level of customer groups, it is better to adopt Baidu's competitive ranking and Google's keyword advertising. If the target customers are overseas customers, it is better to adopt Google's advertising and Yahoo's ranking to achieve relatively good results

due to the proliferation of spam and the introduction of relevant national policies, the effect of e-mail marketing has been greatly reduced. Here is a brief introduction to the positioning of its marketing. The positioning of e-mail marketing is mainly the positioning of target customers, which has led to the proliferation of spam today. To a large extent, it is the result of publishers' failure to make a good positioning and blindly send e-mail. Many enterprises and individuals use purchased e-mail addresses to bombard in e-mail marketing. They only want to send more, without any pertinence. In addition, they use inferior software to send e-mail without the function of e-mail cancellation, Therefore, all the e-mails sent out are deleted by customers as spam. In terms of e-mail marketing, we should start from the following aspects:

(1) establish an effective e-mail list: only with an effective e-mail list can we send our own marketing content to customers. The method of establishing an e-mail list is to collect, analyze and sort it out by software, set up a subscription column at the station, and let customers input it by themselves

(2) select excellent marketing software: using excellent marketing software can not only improve the success rate of e-mail sending, but also improve the quality of the e-mail list. For example, using an e-mail marketing software with the cancellation function can timely allow users who are not their own target customers to cancel in time, so as to avoid their own marketing e-mails becoming spam

(3) don't send e-mails indiscriminately: in the practice of marketing, many customers blindly covet more and send e-mails indiscriminately. No matter what industry and what kind of users, they all send e-mails indiscriminately. As a result, it takes a lot of time and has little effect, which is also a main reason for the proliferation of spam

(4) excellent e-mail content: no matter what kind of marketing method is adopted, excellent content is always an important factor for customers to accept the information you deliver. Many enterprises send e-mail with messy content, even some sending errors. It is directly a messy HTML code. It is conceivable that when users receive such an e-mail, what mood will they have? Of course, click the delete button; In addition, elaborately designing the email title is also an important factor for the success of email marketing

the positioning of online advertising is mainly to select a good media station, and select different advertising media according to different product types, such as popular products. If the funds are sufficient, you can select various portal stations for advertising. For local products, such as talent stations, you can advertise at local influential stations. For professional products, such as water meters and electricity meters, Of course, it is better to choose your own professional station in this industry. Otherwise, there will be a large amount of money invested, and there will be no profit from reducing the consumption of iron tools

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