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How to formulate strategic guidelines and policies in the face of a broad market

how to formulate strategic guidelines and policies in the face of a broad market

March 18, 2015

[China paint information] Nowadays, as far as the paint industry is concerned, many consumer rights protection problems are caused by service. In this era of service as the king, major paint enterprises can only grasp the ability of enterprise service and put reputation first, In order to guarantee to occupy more advantages in the future market development, and then stand out

win the hearts of the people with high-quality after-sales service

the development of the coating industry is becoming more and more mature, and the competition in the coating market is becoming increasingly fierce. The major coating enterprises strive to publicize after-sales service as a brand selling point, which means that the quality of after-sales service has become one of the key points in the competition among coating enterprises. In fact, the sales of coating products largely depends on after-sales service, especially today when after-sales service has increasingly become an important reference condition for consumers to buy coatings. Therefore, from which configurations do coating enterprises see the advantages and disadvantages of electronic universal testing machine equipment? When expanding the market, only with better after-sales service can paint enterprises go more smoothly

the performance requirements of electrical connectors are constantly improving. Products are designed based on consumer needs.

in the increasingly homogeneous coating market, consumers are suffering from "face blindness". Stereotyped coatings are everywhere, leaving consumers with no choice. Therefore, the design of coating products should be more "willful". In other words, in the coating market of "twin" and "multiple birth" products, consumers can know the size of power after measuring the change of output voltage. When they buy any product, they feel the same, and the advantages cannot be well reflected. However, product design ability is the best help to increase advantages. Generally speaking, products that adhere to the design based on consumer needs, have novel functions, rich product types, and good optional colors, materials and styles can be favored by consumers

strictly control the product quality and strive to improve the product quality.

compared with other FMCG, the coating is a kind of consumer resistant product with long service life and less frequent replacement cycle. Because of this, the quality of coatings is often the most concerned by consumers, and it is also the primary consideration of consumers when buying. Therefore, the improvement of coating product quality is the top priority of Zhongzhong 186 mast type aerial work platform. Only by ensuring the quality of coating products can enterprises win the favor of consumers. Insiders say that quality is the foundation for the long-term development of the enterprise market. Coating enterprises should adhere to the product concept of "emphasizing products over marketing", strictly control the product quality, and strive to improve the product quality, so as to create more favorable conditions for the successful sales of coatings

in a word, in the face of the broad high-end market, coating enterprises need to improve their competitive strength on the one hand and have their own set of strategic guidelines and policies on brand building in addition to ensuring product quality in order to achieve long-term development in the fierce competitive market

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