How to fuse the hottest UHV AC and DC

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How to fuse UHV AC and DC? An article tells you how to do it.

± 800 kV high voltage Taizhou converter station is the world's first 10 million kilowatt level AC/DC deep integration UHV station with layered access to 1000 kV and 500 kV AC, and has established a direct connection with 1000 kV UHV AC Taizhou station. It is a big test for Jiangsu electric power company to ensure the smooth AC/DC integration of UHV Taizhou converter station. Therefore, the company calmly prepares for the test, plans the AC/DC human resources, strengthens safety control, highlights hidden danger troubleshooting, explores the training of compound operation and maintenance personnel, and takes multiple measures to promote the AC/DC integration of Taizhou converter station

safety management sets rules

Taizhou converter station delivers power in stages, and the site is in the state of construction, commissioning and operation at the same time, so the safety risk is high. For this, Jiangsu electric power maintenance company arranges 1000 kV Taizhou station AC operation and maintenance team to participate in the safety control during the commissioning and operation of Taizhou converter station, and strictly control the site safety

"whether the constant value of 1000 kV relay protection room has been input and is consistent with the constant value issued by East China dispatching, please check and sign for confirmation." Before the commissioning of 1000 kV AC system, ruanhaijian, a member of DC operation and maintenance team of Taizhou converter station, confirmed with Zhang Wei, the commissioning personnel on the setting value of protection panel cabinet. It is a rule set by the station for the commissioning unit to conduct inspection and acceptance before the equipment is electrified, confirm that the equipment has electrified start-up conditions, and sign for confirmation

the station has established many rules on the project site: the commissioning and operation equipment must be strictly isolated from the equipment in the construction area and obvious signs must be set; The construction and commissioning personnel shall receive safety education, training and examination, and submit the list of personnel who have the right to act as the work ticket issuer, work leader and team member to Taizhou converter station for filing; The defect elimination personnel of the manufacturer can only enter the site to deal with the fault after fulfilling the work ticket system; The handed over panels, cabinets, equipment, etc. need to be replaced with smart locks, and the use of keys needs to go through the borrowing procedures...

Zhang Bao, the leader of the DC operation and maintenance team of Taizhou converter station, introduced: "this benefits from the experience formed during the startup and commissioning of the UHV AC Taizhou station. In addition, the members of the AC operation and maintenance team have experience, solid knowledge, and their assistance, so the safety control in the station is more guaranteed."

joint inspection of hidden danger troubleshooting

Jiangsu electric power maintenance company has formed a production preparation management system with remarkable results in the early AC UHV construction and operation and maintenance, and promoted it in the production preparation of Taizhou converter station. It takes quality process control as the main means to strengthen hidden danger troubleshooting, so as to ensure that the project can be smoothly converted from capital construction to production. Because all mechanical and electrical equipment are exposed outside

"in order to ensure the project quality, we have set up checkpoints in all important links of the project, and the DC shift and AC shift jointly control the checkpoints." Shan Zhe, the head of Taizhou converter station, introduced that the station has set up four checkpoints including drawing, manufacturing, transportation and acceptance before the equipment is put into operation, so as to check the hidden dangers throughout the whole production preparation process

the station will participate in the technical review meeting in the early stage of the feasibility study and preliminary design of the project construction in advance, and strictly review the primary, secondary and construction drawings. At a discussion meeting on drawing review of station transformer in Taizhou converter station held in December 2016, Zhang Guojing, the foreman of AC operation and maintenance team, participated in the drawing review due to her rich experience in AC operation and maintenance. She found that the distance between the 400V rectangular bus of 10kV dry-type transformer and the cabinet body was less than 20mm, which did not meet the specifications for construction and acceptance of bus device in electrical device installation engineering. She immediately asked relevant personnel to immediately communicate with the manufacturer and make rectification. It is understood that AC and DC personnel jointly participated in the review of important drawings and timely found and pointed out 31 design problems

Shan zhe said: "at important points such as equipment manufacturer tracking and equipment unpacking witness, we also organize AC and DC personnel to supervise equipment assembly and other processes at the same time, inspect the quality and documentation of goods on site, and strictly control equipment manufacturing and transportation."

during the project acceptance, Taizhou converter station set up more than 7 acceptance teams, and each group was composed of AC and DC personnel to verify the equipment functions item by item

On June 3, jiangweitao skillfully completed the operation of t612 AC filter in Taizhou converter station from hot standby to operation. Jiangweitao is the shift chief operator of operation and maintenance of ultra-high voltage AC Taizhou station. Now, he plays a "cross-border" role and has another identity - Deputy attendant of Taizhou converter station, completing the transformation to AC/DC composite operation and maintenance personnel

"the UHV with strong AC and DC, which cooperate and support each other, is the main technical route for the follow-up UHV DC projects of national companies, and the training of UHV AC and DC operation and maintenance personnel is in line with the needs of development." Tangxiaozheng, deputy general manager of Jiangsu electric power overhaul company, said, "we have thought a lot of ideas to accelerate the integration of Posts and skills of high voltage, AC and DC personnel in the new material industry system with Shandong characteristics." In 2016, the company began to implement the UHV composite talent training mode, and implemented cross regional and cross UHV station AC and DC joint training. Jiangweitao became interested in DC knowledge after being arranged to study at Huai'an converter station for two months. After returning, he actively participated in the joint commissioning test of DC control and protection equipment of Taizhou converter station and the preparation of operation procedures, and finally obtained the qualification of DC Deputy duty post

Tang Xiaozheng introduced: "we will first do the integration pilot in Taizhou station. The station will organize AC and DC cross training and testing every week. Different majors will learn from each other's operation background. Exchange personnel will participate in the acceptance of Taizhou converter station and jointly learn the startup and commissioning scheme, so as to create as many conditions as possible for the integration of AC and DC production skills." The company also implemented the "one post with multiple abilities" incentive system in Taizhou station, and gave performance bonus, allowance and other rewards to employees who participated in professional integration training, obtained the ability to measure and record the position of the rubber tensile testing machine of the integration professional post 2, and actually engaged in the integration professional work, as an important consideration standard for the promotion of UHV personnel

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