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How to face the new situation of China's paper industry after China's entry into the WTO (II)

3 after China's entry into the WTO, the domestic paper industry needs to consider the countermeasures to be taken

3.1 in the face of the upcoming challenges and opportunities, the basic countermeasures of China's paper industry should focus on comprehensively improving the quality and competitiveness of enterprises - high quality, low cost, high efficiency and clean. Songyuan announced that it would start production on December 1, 2017 or according to the contract. We should mobilize the whole industry to take positive actions from the aspects of changing the operation and management mechanism, adjusting the organizational structure, technical structure, raw material structure and product structure of enterprises. We should encourage and support the development of joint ventures and private enterprises, study the rules of the WTO game and international experience, and suggest that the government give appropriate financial support to the industry and feasible policy protection within a certain period of time

3.2 actively promote the strategic reorganization of current enterprises, optimize the organizational structure, and improve the industrial concentration. We should support and encourage a number of enterprises with strong strength and vitality to achieve low-cost, unconventional and high-efficiency development by means of cross regional, cross departmental, cross ownership, cross industry (such as forestry, packaging, etc.) joint mergers and acquisitions, vertical extension and diversified operation, so as to quickly build a number of powerful industrial groups (Shandong Chenming Group has begun to explore, which can be used for reference). Paper entrepreneurs should have a high degree of self-awareness and sense of closeness to institutional innovation. Institutional innovation will be the beginning of technological innovation

3.3 enterprises should attach importance to technological transformation and innovation and broaden the road of development. Facing the market and competition, focusing on the main objectives of quality, variety, cost and environmental protection, we should make more research, make prudent and decisive decisions, act according to our ability, avoid mistakes and strive for practical results. From the perspective of investment benefit, paper is first followed by pulp, and more waste paper and commercial pulp are used to achieve quick results; Small enterprises without scale advantages should pay attention to developing new varieties and small batch varieties to get rid of difficulties and survive

3.4 accelerate the elimination of inferior and backward productive forces, so as to facilitate the growth of advanced productive forces and provide key assistance. In order to stand on the competitive international market, China's paper industry must do something. Over protection of the backward will hinder the development of the whole industry. The elimination of the fittest and the preservation of the strong is also an inevitable trend of development. Take Shandong as an example. In 1995, there were 805 paper-making enterprises in the province, with a total output of 2.31 million tons. In 1999, the number decreased to less than 200. In four years, 3/4 of the total number was eliminated, but the total output increased to 3.53 million tons; With the increase of benefits and the relative reduction of pollution, several star enterprises with strong vitality and the rapid development of output and benefits have emerged. Shandong is developing from a large papermaking province to a strong papermaking province

3.5 in order to remain invincible in the more fierce market competition and achieve smooth development, enterprises will largely rely on knowledge, technology, high-quality management and technical personnel, rather than simply capital and material resources. Therefore, attaching importance to information, knowledge, training and being good at using talents, attaching importance to the combination of production, study, research and marketing, being good at making correct decisions and taking decisive actions will be one of the basic countermeasures for China's paper enterprises to adapt to the new situation, and also the basic experience for a number of star enterprises to rise rapidly in recent years

3.6 papermaking is a capital and technology intensive industry. After joining the WTO and participating in international competition, China is at a disadvantage in both capital and technology. Although relying on production as its own strength, it is important to actively overcome difficulties; At the same time, it is still necessary to carefully study the external experience of relevant WTO rules, and strive for possible and appropriate financial and policy assistance from the government, so as to gain valuable time and accelerate the enhancement of competitive strength

3.7 strive for the country to list the paper industry as a key supporting industry, refer to Japan's past practice for its machinery industry, increase the National Bank's low interest and discount loans for key enterprises and key projects, appropriately increase financial investment, and help solve the practical difficulties of development funds

3.8the WTO allows developing countries to have a higher degree of protection than developed countries. For example, the average import tariff rate of developed countries is 4% while that of developing countries is 14%. In addition, it also allows developing countries to extend the transition period of integration to 4-8 years in case of problems of integration with WTO provisions. Accordingly, we can suggest that the government should lower the paper import tax rate. If it has a serious impact on the domestic market, it should be lowered slightly and gradually to appropriately reduce the industrial pressure; There are also some minor varieties whose original tax rates are too high, such as God paper (superstitious paper) whose tax rates are as high as 40%, which is actually unnecessary and can be significantly reduced to reduce the average tax rate of paper

3.9wto also has some exceptional principles. For example, in terms of foreign capital access, developing countries can make necessary provisions on the direction and proportion of foreign capital utilization according to their own economic development needs. Then the content entered in the previous step will be automatically added to the top of the report. The paper industry policy by item only restricts several projects that foreign capital will not enter, such as banknotes. From the perspective of China's national conditions, in fact, there are some varieties, such as sanitary paper, all kinds of thin paper below 32g/m2, which are more suitable for the transformation of some small machines in China. It is worth studying whether the foreign investment in these varieties is appropriately limited to meet the needs of national conditions

3.10 the shortage of pulp is a disadvantage for China to participate in the international paper market competition. At present, it is necessary to make full use of waste paper resources at home and abroad, and appropriately increase the import of commercial pulp. For straw pulp mills with a certain scale and good production conditions, they should be supported to prevent and control pollution as soon as possible, improve product quality, so that they can replace the imported bleached hardwood pulp, and use land to make medium and high-grade cultural paper, which is both possible and has price advantages. In the long run, it is urgent to seriously study and solve the policy and financial problems related to the development of pulping wood resources

3.11 during the period of 1035 when the concentration of domestic paper-making enterprises is very high, the cable industry is bound to accelerate the reshuffle and reorganization, and the unique appearance of foreign capital also gives packaging more sense of design and recognition, and private enterprises are expanding day by day. It is very necessary to pay attention to the production and market credit research services of industrial associations, the cooperation and coordination among enterprises, and guide and prevent the blindness of development and unfair competition, And give full play to the role of the link between industry and government, which is also very important to adapt to the new situation

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