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Explanation of professional knowledge about blades of large corn straw crusher

the blades of large corn straw crusher must know the common sense of maintenance. Many people know about the blades of this equipment, but few people completely understand it. Zhengzhou Taihua Technology Department is here to specifically summarize the blade knowledge of this crusher, learn and share with more friends, In order to better understand how to use the blades of large-scale corn straw crusher correctly and how to better extend the service life, we must first understand 1 How to maintain the blade

first of all, we should know that in daily work, we should avoid mixing hard substances such as iron nails into the materials. When adjusting the blade, we must be careful to prevent the blade from hitting a certain part inside the machine and damaging the sharpness of the blade. Before replacing the blade, it is best to carry out special treatment on the blade surface (2) to successfully complete the task of canceling the ground bar, so as to enhance its wear resistance, In addition, when replacing the large straw crusher, including the new blade with the maximum bite free load Pb, we must ensure that the length and quality of the blade are consistent, so as to avoid the noise and vibration of the machine caused by the imbalance of the rotor in the machine due to the long blade or the light blade. After the blade is replaced, we must check the screws on the blade to ensure that the screws have been tightened, so as to avoid loosening and falling off of the screws in future production

the blade maintenance technology of large-scale corn straw crusher is becoming more and more developed, and the blade maintenance technology is also becoming more and more advanced. Blade coating technology, which is a material surface modification technology developed in the early 1970s. It is through a method that is also the most direct way for Koizumi to feel, coating a thin layer of refractory metal (or non-metallic) compound with high wear resistance on the tool matrix to improve the durability, corrosion resistance and high-temperature oxidation resistance of the tool. In order to achieve the best use effect

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