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Explanation of basic knowledge of thermal spraying technology

thermal spraying technology is the general term of a variety of modern melt shooting processes. It uses a heat source to melt the powder or wire of a material, which will be melted through an additional air flow or the heat flow itself as a heat source. Then the material cancelled in this experiment will be pushed in the state of particles, which will produce a lot of heat to move, accelerate and emit. When the sprayed particle stream hits a substrate, a deposition layer will be formed on it instantly, which is the general process of thermal spraying. There are many modern thermal spraying methods, such as arc spraying, flame spraying, plasma spraying and explosive spraying, as well as supersonic fire spraying developed in recent years. At present, powder flame spraying and arc plasma spraying are the most widely used in industry, taking ethylene propylene rubber as an example. Thermal spraying of aluminum and zinc anti-corrosion coatings mainly adopts oxyacetylene flame wire spraying equipment and arc spraying equipment

generally, the preparation process of the coating is to first clean and rough the steel structure surface with sand blasting process to make it meet the required standards, and then spray a certain thickness of aluminum and zinc coating as required. If the anti-corrosion service life is required to be 15 years, although the price is convenient, it is not a small number, and the work has been completed. If the service life is required to be more than 15 years, the coating will be sealed or coated on the surface according to the specific requirements. Each process will be carried out in strict accordance with the process requirements, otherwise the use effect of the coating will be affected. Reliable equipment, strict process conditions and excellent coating design are the keys to obtain high-performance coatings

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