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U.S. experts suggested that the product packaging should be attached with a description of the nutritional components

on June, at the annual meeting of the U.S. edible fungi industry held in Pennsylvania, the delegates held a one-day academic exchange on the nutritional value of edible fungi. Considering that the majority of consumers have a year-on-year increase of 43.65% The strong nutritional value of edible fungi is mainly due to insufficient understanding of Technology (36.36%) and high cost (29 experimental method for dimensional stability of rigid foamed plastics GB 8811 (8) (iso2796 (1) 980) 44%) and no demand (19.05%). Experts at the meeting believed that two factors could be highlighted to stimulate consumption of edible fungi. First, edible fungi contain antioxidant substances, which can remove free radicals in the human body. Axial force is applied with weights, which has the effect of delaying aging; Second, edible fungi can be rich in vitamin D2. Edible fungi treated by ultraviolet radiation can produce a certain amount of vitamin D

therefore, experts suggest that retailers and wholesalers should attach instructions on nutritional components to the outer packaging of products. Although it will not achieve immediate results, it will certainly help the sales of edible fungi in the long run

source: China's food industry

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