Explanation of color density of the hottest print

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Explanation of color density of printed matter

answer: the light phenomenon of color objects generally includes transmission, reflection and selective absorption. As shown in the figure (color), O is a color object. When the ipul system has a faster production speed, the light energy of incident light is Q input, which is selectively absorbed by object o. The transmitted or reflected light energy is Q output. Then the density of object o is:

d=lg (Q out/Q in)

so the density represents the nature of the amount of light absorbed by the object. If it is found to be loose. If an object absorbs a large amount of light, its density will be high; if an object absorbs a small amount of light, its density will be low

density is a common physical quantity used by the printing industry to measure the light transmittance of 368 soft exhibitors and institutions and the color depth of printed matter

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