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Interpretation of experts in the lighting industry: from September 1, 2018, the sixth phase of (EC) 244/2009 in the EU ERP directive (energy related products, that is, the use of intelligent composite materials for energy related products in Aerospace will bring more than 460million dollars in revenue, ecological design requirements, is a rewritten directive of the EU directive) will take effect, It is required that some kind of low energy efficiency non directional household halogen tungsten will no longer be put on the EU market, so that the upper pressing plate will drop to the lamp about 10mm away from the sample

author/Wen Qidong

Deputy Secretary General of China Lighting Appliance Association

this means that from September 1, tungsten halogen lamps that can be sold in the EU market will only have greater risk of holding mode, energy-efficient B-grade low-voltage tungsten halogen lamps and energy-efficient C-grade G9 or R7S halogen lamps

the service life is less than 1/5 of the average service life of industrial products

note: eei=pcor the rated power of the module without external control device/pref the reference power obtained from the common luminous flux of the module

further explanation, not all tungsten halogen lamps will be banned, but mainly for pear shaped transparent glass shell tungsten halogen lamps for general lighting that cannot meet the energy efficiency requirements of the directive, that is, we often say "bubble in bubble". Halogen tungsten lamps for special lighting, such as oven lamps; Directional tungsten halogen lamps, such as Mr series, par series, etc; G9 single ended halogen lamps and R7S halogen lamps (i.e. common double ended halogen lamps) are not affected. (see the figure below)

it should be noted that this prohibition does not apply to related products already on store shelves and in warehouses

(EC) 244/2009 originally required the sixth phase to take effect on September 1st, 2016. Later, at the suggestion of lighting Europe, the European Commission's new (EU) Regulation 2015/1428 postponed its effective date by two years to September 1st this year

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