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Explanation of printing machine purchase case II

the larger the format, the better

2002 is a crucial year for graphic printing services. At that time, the printing company had assets of $12million and 70 employees, and began to improve from folio printing to full open printing. Graphic printing services, founded in 1985, is committed to commercial sheet fed printing, flexographic printing and packaging printing. Commercial print includes brochures, product brochures, invitations, stationery, catalogues, posters, and introductory folders. Three narrow width rotary flexographic presses webtron are used to print labels, folding cartons, envelopes, etc

bob Lepard is the vice president of production of graphic printing services, He explained: "We have been in the packaging industry. This is the decision of our customers. Some customers need us to provide offset printing services. They asked whether we can achieve offset printing. At that time, there were two ways: skimming or going deep into the offset printing industry. We chose the latter.

the company has an independent commercial sales group and packaging team. According to Lepard, service is the key to compete in the flexographic printing, commercial printing and packaging printing markets Where. He said, "anyone can print on paper. We separate production from service. By improving internal production efficiency, our product quality meets customer requirements and can be delivered on time."

graphic printing services started the business of commercial printing with two split shinoharas machines, namely a 5-color and a two-color double-sided printing machine. In 2002, the company realized that in order to be more competitive in the domestic market, it needed a 40 inch format printing machine. Lepard said: "Surprisingly, the 40 inch format printer has completed a lot of work, and indeed reduced the task of the 28 inch format printer. Its efficiency and high speed are remarkable. As the previous Millennium dollar man showed: better, stronger, faster. Br in addition to the printing machine, graphic product services has also added a Bobst die-cutting machine and folding machine/gluing machine, a polar paper cutter and an MBO folding machine Page machine

everything is fine. Mike founadel of good company is the marketing and sales director of good PRI's lightweight and strong nters company. During his 18 years in office, he has witnessed the changes that have taken place in this company with assets of $10million. In 1987, the company's revenue was only a few million dollars. At that time, the company didn't even have a fax machine, while its more advanced competitors had assets and fax machines of 18million dollars. But over time, this 103 year old company is constantly changing

at present, the company has three Heidelberg 40 inch format printers: a two-color printer, a five color double-sided printer and a 40 inch format six color CD player. Due to the strategic partnership with liberty press, the company can provide customers with digital printing services with Xerox iGen3 of liberty press. Founadel explained, "the reason why liberty bought iGen3 is that they want to provide a lot of services for the variable data market activities of sunrise assisted living. Together with liberty, we think this is a good partnership."

good printing company specializes in producing brochures, magazines and other work for trade associations

"many times, we will receive a live copy on Wednesday. The customer needs to print 10000 copies of the manual, but 50 copies need to be printed first for the meeting next Monday. At this time, we will use the digital printer."

liberty company has a two-color printing machine in Heidelberg and several copying machines for printing forms. It often hands over the 40 inch format work to good printing with the successful first flight of the C919 aircraft

founadel said, "the bottom line is that you must be able to solve customers' problems. If you can't solve them, there will always be others. It's not difficult - but if we don't have these devices, where will our way out be?"

hot spots

in St. Louis, reprox has long been known by graphic designers and advertising agencies for its color printing. However, according to the new leader Steve stone, the company will gain the same reputation for its digital workflow. "We want to fully automate, so as to provide our customers with tools to help them better carry out their business."

stone used to be the executive vice president for low precision of another printing company in St. Louis, and also the business partner of page Hereford, who has long been a printing broker. Stone bought reprox in March this year. Not only was reprox renamed reproxdigital, but the company with 24 employees recently moved to a new 25000 square foot plant

reproxdigital now owns an Akiyama bestech six color printing machine, a GTO from Heidelberg, three paper cutters, a die-cutting machine and a folding machine. The company has added nexus workflow, KPG plate making equipment, Roland 500, iGen3, MBO folding machine, stitchliner of standard finishing systems, two Bowe bell Howell inserting machines and a set of pace systems information management system (MIS)

stone said, "these additional functions will get more live parts from existing customers. At the same time, we don't have to cooperate with local agents as in the past." Br reproxdigital developed a new software, Stone said, "this software allows our image design department to provide value-added services to customers. We will use this workflow behind the scenes to provide services for their business development."

the company will be mainly engaged in digital printing of variable data and versioning, not just short edition printing. Stone's previous company was an early adopter of indigo, with rich experience in variable data printing

stone believes that although reprox has only been established for a few months, it is in the right direction. Please continue to pay attention - we will track and report the development of the company in the coming months. Br rotary offset printing and digital printing

denise Kapel reported that the web offset Assn. (WOA) recently held the 53rd annual management and technical conference in Texas. The conference was characterized by a live point/counterpoint meeting between ray Prince and Ron kendig, in which the former was the senior technical advisor of pia/gatf and the latter was the vice president of Xerox advanced solutions. Prince and kendig debated the digital printing market of rotary offset printing

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