Experts gathered in Beijing, the capital, to offer

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Gather experts in Beijing to provide suggestions for "casting the Chinese dream"

gather experts in Beijing to provide suggestions for "casting the Chinese dream"

China Construction machinery information

as one of the important activities of the "first China foundry Festival" - the 11th Annual Meeting of China Foundry Association was held in Beijing shortly before. The keynote report of several heavy guests at the meeting pointed out the direction for the transformation and upgrading of the foundry industry

the foundry industry should make a difference

Wang Jianyu, director of the Machinery Department of the equipment industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out in the keynote report "promoting the construction of a powerful country in the equipment manufacturing industry", that at present, China's equipment manufacturing industry is facing the urgency and severity of transformation and upgrading, which is mainly reflected in: the demand growth has slowed down significantly, and investment driven development is unsustainable; Structural contradictions are more prominent, and the homogenization competition of low-end manufacturing is fierce; There are many problems, such as the weakening of traditional comparative advantage and the formation of new competitive advantage

he also said that the transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry is also facing new major opportunities, which is reflected in the creation of an upgraded version of China's economy, which has created new opportunities for the equipment manufacturing industry; The scientific and technological revolution has injected strong impetus into the upgrading and development of equipment manufacturing industry; The transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry itself also has huge room for improvement

when talking about the focus of promoting the development of the foundry industry in the future, Wang Jianyu emphasized that in 2013, the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China issued the "foundry industry access conditions" and the "foundry industry access announcement management measures", The first batch of 406 enterprises that meet the requirements of the "casting industry access bar, which can be divided into wedge-shaped fixtures, wafer type fixtures, winding fixtures, eccentric type fixtures, lever type fixtures, shoulder type fixtures, bolt type fixtures, 90 peel type fixtures, etc." have been determined, and the list of enterprises has been announced by the official. In 2014, the announcement and application for the admittance of the foundry industry is continuing, and the deadline for the application is August 31. It is hoped that foundry enterprises that meet the admittance conditions will actively fill in the information on the online application platform, and submit the written application information to the local industrial competent department in a timely manner as required

Wang Jianyu finally pointed out that in order to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the casting industry, in addition to continuing to carry out the management of the admission announcement of the casting industry, we should also do a good job in the following aspects: first, make use of the special funds for strong projects, and strive to break through the 7 inspection rules and key products and technologies; Second, strengthen the connection between production and demand, and strive to build a platform for the connection between production and demand; Third, coordinate the existing resources and focus on the construction of testing and certification service system; Fourth, actively promote the application of industrial robots in the foundry industry and promote the structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of the foundry industry

new materials will become the new favorite of the foundry industry

"from the perspective of development trend, in the next 10 years or even longer, the frontier problem of solidification science related to the foundry industry is to develop the unconventional solidification theory of diversified and multiphase alloys. This research will be included in China's' 12th Five Year 'and' 13th five year 'development plans." Academician Wei bingbo of the Chinese Academy of Sciences predicted in the keynote report of the annual meeting. "Although this research is temporarily separated from casting production, I believe that with our efforts, this research will certainly go into casting production and bring new enlightenment and reference to the new process design and new product development of the casting industry."

he pointed out that since this century, the research on the solidification process of metal materials under extraordinary conditions has become one of the frontier fields of material science and engineering. Solidification science has experienced three development stages, the first is the casting technology stage without mature theory, the next is the conventional solidification stage to form a relatively perfect theoretical system, and after 2000, it has developed to the abnormal solidification stage to challenge the existing theoretical system. The conventional conditions of traditional metallurgical casting solidification technology include container (mold, crucible), normal pressure, normal gravity, medium and small undercooling, while supernormal solidification refers to solidification without container, deep undercooling, strong external field, ultra-high pressure and other conditions. These extraordinary physical conditions mainly include containerless state, micro/super gravity, electric/magnetic/acoustic field, and ultra-high pressure. Under the action of space environment and strong physical field, the deep supercooling and supercooling States and microstructure of alloy melts will have different transformation laws

academician Wei bingbo said, "there are many unsolved problems in the solidification of metals in an extraordinary environment from a scientific point of view; from the perspective of engineering application, the cost is too high in a short time, but with the progress of technology, it may gradually move towards engineering application. Especially in the context of China's promotion of independent innovation and development, it is hoped that interested entrepreneurs can participate in the pilot test of these technologies to achieve the final industrial application."

China and Europe work together to promote the development of the casting industry

"if Europe is regarded as a country, it is the second largest casting producer in the world after China, and it is also the region with the most modern casting technology innovation in the field of (4) hollow fiber membrane product casting." Gabrielegalante, President of the European Association of foundry equipment suppliers, described the current development of the European foundry industry

in Europe, "intelligent production" was born in the foundry industry. "Intelligent production", which integrates traditional basic production technology and modern control box management and decision-making system, can make modern factories more flexible by using artificial intelligence. As one of the largest casting production areas in the world, the European foundry industry produces high-quality products through perfect whole process control, taking into account environmental protection and workers' rights protection. They have the conditions to be at the forefront of their field and become partners of foundries all over the world

the design of European casting equipment fully considers the needs of safety and environmental protection, including the safety of production workers, and realizes people-oriented. The development trend of the current industry is that equipment manufacturers can not only provide equipment, but also consider the quality, environmental protection and safety requirements of the castings they produce

the development of the world economy increasingly depends on different countries, and each country has different characteristics. The partnership between China and most developed European countries will have a positive impact on the two countries. China is a country that hopes to improve living standards and people's social living standards, and it can certainly benefit from European talents and high-tech capabilities. In the process of casting transformation in China, it will also provide great opportunities in economy, technology and commerce

the relationship between China Foundry Association and European equipment suppliers, China's association with advanced production technology and leading output of various polyurethane raw materials, has a very deep foundation. From the initial simple business introduction to mutual support, comprehensive project development, and assistance to European leading enterprises in establishing Chinese production plants. Practice has proved that in the past few years, the work done by China Foundry Association is undoubtedly very important, not only for China's foundry industry, but also for European equipment manufacturers participating in China's development

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