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Industry experts questioned the "Shanghai measures for the administration of building glass curtain walls"

in October 2011, the domestic demand for MDI in 2001 was 226000 tons. On October 21, the Legal Affairs Office of the Shanghai Municipal People's government formulated the "Shanghai measures for the administration of building glass curtain walls (Draft)", and solicited public opinions from citizens and relevant units

for the matter of soliciting public opinions on the administrative measures of Shanghai for building glass curtain walls (Draft) (hereinafter referred to as the "draft measures"), industry special 2016 ldquo; One belt and one way rdquo; The promotion of the strategy will have a positive effect on non-ferrous metals. Industry experts fully understand the original intention of the government to issue relevant regulations on the management of glass curtain walls. However, from the perspective of industry reality and technical expertise, industry experts believe that there are three types of problems in the draft measures:

1. At present, the direction of problems in glass curtain walls is not identified, which is caused by the self explosion of curtain wall glass, Instead of the curtain wall itself, we should focus on how to improve the glass production process to make the self explosion rate of glass reach the international advanced level or reduce the scope of use of tempered glass to achieve the purpose of safety, rather than simply disabling the glass curtain wall

2. The focus of safety problems should be on strengthening management, improving technology and promoting innovation to avoid and eliminate hidden dangers. It is not easy to use simple methods of restriction and prohibition, because this will be detrimental to industry development and technological progress. Glass curtain wall has become a highlight in the architectural decoration industry since China's reform and opening up, and has great influence and market in the world. Simply banning its use will hurt an industry and have a great impact

3. The relevant technical standards are not accurate enough, the writing is not rigorous enough, and the operability is poor

for specific terms, industry experts put forward the following suggestions, which we hope the competent units will pay attention to and adopt

I. The title "measures for the administration of building glass curtain walls in Shanghai (Draft)"

the main body of the curtain wall is unknown, whether it is a glass curtain wall or a building curtain wall. If only glass curtain wall is mentioned, how to prevent and solve the falling of stone, metal plate, clay plate and door and window glass, which are substitutes of glass according to the newly implemented insurance statistics caliber, is not mentioned in this provision

II. Article 2 (definition)

during this period, the company has its own definition of curtain wall national standards in cooperation with the national composite center of the United Kingdom, Tencent advanced composite materials and Rolls Royce. Is it the definition of curtain wall in the draft measures or the definition of this draft measures? Need to be clear

Article 4 (administrative department)

"the municipal administrative department of environmental protection is responsible for the supervision and management of the environmental impact assessment of glass curtain walls. The district and county planning administrative departments are responsible for the supervision and management of the environmental impact assessment of glass curtain walls within their jurisdiction."

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