The hottest machine did the work of five people

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A machine did the work of five people

the picture shows the feeding machine picking up

recently, when I came to the Hang Seng animal husbandry center in Doudian village, Doudian Town, Fangshan District, Beijing, I saw a 500 horsepower "big guy" working, and its silver "arms" were putting the wheat straw stored in the warehouse into its orange "big stomach". This "big guy" is a high-efficiency feeding machine that was introduced by the breeding center from abroad in October last year, integrating reclaiming, mixing and feeding. Now it can become a right-hand assistant for beef cattle feeding

354kg, 506kg, 657kg... The quantity of wheat straw taken at present is clearly displayed on the external electronic scale on the vehicle and the electronic scale in the cab. "The quantity taken is set in advance by the on-board computer, and now it is almost taken." Li Xiaodong, a staff member of the breeding center, introduced that because the wheat straw is relatively long, there is still a chopping process in the process of reclaiming, so this link is a little time-consuming. Next, the feeding machine needs to get silage corn and concentrate, which won't take much time. "

after more than 20 minutes, the feeder was full of wheat straw, and an Yupu, the operator, drove it into the silage cellar. After a while, the feeder was loaded with more than 6 tons of silage corn and more than 600 kilograms of wheat straw and drove to the concentrate room. After the last 800 kilograms of concentrate were taken, the three "ingredients" began to be mixed and stirred in the "big stomach" of the feeder. About 10 minutes later, the feed weighing about 7 tons was made

with this high-efficiency feeder, the feeding, mixing and; 1035 rdquo; It seems to be much easier to plan the feeding work and the whole process. According to Li Xiaodong, the breeding center now has about 2000 beef cattle on hand, which need to be fed twice a day, which is a heavy workload. Before the feeding machine is put into use, at least 5 people are required for each feeding, of which 1 person is responsible for cutting the wheat straw with the hay cutter, 1 person operates the mixing tank, 1 person is responsible for handling the forage with a forklift, and the other two people are responsible for transporting the mixed forage to the cowshed for feeding. However, the cheaper mixing tank can only stir about two tons of feed at a time, so the mixing tank should stir at least three to four times per meal. In this way, it will take at least three hours to feed these cows each time, a total of six hours a day. Now, after using the feeder, at least one hour can be saved each time. "If there is less time, the key is that only one person can complete the whole link now. If it weren't for the time-consuming link of cutting wheat straw, the work efficiency would be faster." Li Xiaodong emphasized

while talking, the feeder has reached the cowshed, and the mixed feed is "pouring" out of the outlet on the right side of the car, so the beef cattle in the breeding center can enjoy this "good meal". Li Xiaodong said, "there are four channels in a standard cowshed. There are about 40 bulls in this feeding channel, which need more than 500 kilograms of feed. The feeder can accurately feed the feed. After feeding in this channel, you can go to the next cowshed and finish feeding soon. At present, there are five cowsheds in the breeding center. The feeding and mixing starts at 3:30, and the feeding of 2000 cows can be completed at about 5:30."

it is understood that the feeding link is the key link of beef cattle breeding. Wu Guoxu, general manager of the breeding center, said that although the early investment of the feeding machine is large, the price of each machine is about 2413. Save the data: if the experimental data needs to be saved about 0 million yuan, from the perspective of work efficiency and use results, all the investment is still worth it. "Feeding 5. There are electronic scales on the machine for the implementation of the project, which can accurately control the amount of roughage and concentrate, so that the proportion of various feeds is more stable and the nutrition is more balanced, which can not be achieved manually. After using the feeder, not only the work efficiency is improved, but also the number of workers is reduced, the wage expenditure of workers is saved, and there are fewer people, which is also conducive to reducing and controlling the spread of epidemic diseases."

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