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Machine replacement ballast stone stability -- a summary of the promotion of Agricultural Mechanization in Jilin City in the 70 years since the founding of new China

under the blue sky, in the golden rice field, there is no face to the loess, and there is no sweat. Three agricultural machinery operators sit in the driver's seat as if they were reviewing, operating three large harvesters to and fro in the field, singing happily, harvesting, threshing, spitting straw, and all links of rice harvesting are perfectly connected at one go

when talking and laughing, five or six acres of rice fields were harvested, and the granary on each harvester was full. The process of pouring grain into the grain truck is also easy and pleasant, and even as ornamental as harvesting rice - there is no need to get off the car, let alone carry it by hand. Three agricultural robot hands tap the button, and the "mechanical arm" on the harvester will automatically move to the top of the grain truck. After twoorthree minutes, about 6000 kilograms of yellow rice flowed into the carriage of the grain truck

this is the scene of Zhangquan family farm in Wanchang Town, Yongji County taking the lead in sickling in the city on September 4

here is the enviable easy operation of agricultural machinery operators; Over there, Zhang Nannan, the head of Zhang Quan's family farm, broadcast the happy live broadcast of rice sickling on the volcano video. "Farming is really different from the past." Zhou Hongliang, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Wanchang Town, Yongji County, who came to watch the sickle breaking, sincerely sighed

Zhang Quan family farm, which believes that mechanized operation "saves time, labor and money", has been adhering to mechanized and standardized production since its establishment in 2014. At present, it has more than 50 sets of various agricultural machinery and equipment worth nearly 6million yuan, and the comprehensive mechanization rate of rice cultivation and harvest on the farm has reached 100%. Compared with manual work, Zhang Quan's family farm realizes the whole process mechanization of rice, which can reduce the production cost by twoorthree yuan per mu

similarly, the permanent license document indicates that the PCU is Xiao Jianbo's family in Xinxing village, yilaxi Town, bionate-s Ji county. When the contracted production arrived, a family of five people were allocated 18 mu of land, and all rely on human and animal resources from planting to harvesting. Now, Xiao Jianbo, the farmer who built the Jiufeng family farm, has transferred 5000 mu of rice fields, all of which are used to develop the high-quality japonica rice industry. At present, with nearly 100 agricultural machines and tools, jiujiufeng family farm, which realizes mechanized operation from planting to harvest, and then to all field management and protection, has developed into a provincial demonstration family farm

Zhangquan family farm and jiujiufeng family farm are two typical representatives of the full use of mechanized operations in agricultural production in Jilin City. In the 70 years since the founding of new China, fundamental changes have taken place in the mode of agricultural production in Jilin City, gradually realizing the transformation from relying on human and animal power to relying mainly on mechanical power. The farming mode of "facing the Loess and facing the sky" has basically become history

a survey report from Jilin Agricultural Mechanization Technology Extension Center shows that according to the layout of "one Township, one village", 38 new agricultural business entities with full mechanization have been built in the city at present; Realize the "machine replacement" in the main grain areas, and the comprehensive mechanization level of crop cultivation and harvest has reached 80.96%; Great progress has been made in the structure of agricultural machinery and equipment, the operation level of agricultural machinery, the extension area of agricultural mechanization technology, and the socialized service of agricultural machinery in the city

the structure of agricultural machinery and equipment continues to be optimized. By the end of 2018, the total power of agricultural machinery in the city had reached 409800 kW; The ownership of large and medium-sized tractors, rice transplanters, rice harvesters and corn harvesters reached 22240, 15059, 3031 and 7113 respectively; The proportion of large and medium-sized tractors to small tractors was 1:8 in 2017 and 1:11.28 in 2018. The key modern agricultural machinery and equipment in our city has grown steadily, and the equipment structure has been further optimized

the level of agricultural machinery operation continued to improve. By the end of 2018, the city's comprehensive mechanization level of cultivation and harvest had reached 80.96%, the mechanized production of weak links of major crops had been promoted rapidly, and the mechanization level of corn harvest had reached 54.07%, an increase of 11.18 percentage points over the previous year, entering the stage of rapid promotion; The mechanization of rice planting and harvesting reached 81.57% and 85.20% respectively, which continued to grow and achieved a good development trend

the extension area of agricultural mechanization technology continues to expand. Pay attention to the promotion of key technologies such as Rice Mechanized breeding and transplanting technology and maize mechanized harvesting technology, so as to steadily increase the application area of new agricultural mechanization technologies of increasing production and efficiency, resource conservation and environment-friendly. In 2018, the area of rice machine transplanting in the city was 1620300 mu, and the area of rice machine harvesting was 1666700 mu; The total area of mechanized harvesting of corn is 3.8522 million mu, which continues to maintain a growth trend; Plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle operation plays an important role in the prevention and control of diseases and pests of major crops, fruit trees, trees and other trees in our city, and the spraying area is more than 300000 mu

the socialized service of agricultural machinery continued to be promoted. Jilin agricultural machinery service organization has developed rapidly, the service capacity has been significantly enhanced, the service field has been further expanded, and the degree of agricultural machinery organization has been continuously improved. By the end of 2018, the number of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives in the city had reached 340, and the number of agricultural machinery households had reached 14 There will be 650000 guide wheels on the column, focusing on Building 3 demonstration households of National Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives and 7 four-star and five-star brand service Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives in Jilin Province

while the ownership of agricultural machinery is growing rapidly and the level of mechanization is greatly improved, Jilin agricultural production pays attention to the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy, and the integration of agricultural mechanization and informatization. Represented by visual agriculture, the key technologies of agricultural mechanization have been better promoted and applied in the development of modern agriculture in Jilin City. In addition, with the improvement of agricultural production technology and scientific and technological level, new agricultural production modes such as facility agriculture, sightseeing agriculture and precision agriculture have developed rapidly in Jilin City

the statistical data of Jilin agricultural and rural bureau shows that since the founding of new China 70 years ago, the city's agricultural and rural economy has developed rapidly, the agricultural production structure has been continuously optimized, and the total agricultural output has been increasing. At present, the total output value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery has increased from 170million yuan in 1949 to 28.1 billion yuan; The sown area of grain has increased from 510000 hectares in 1949 to 680000 hectares; The total grain output increased from 1.4 billion jin in 1949 to 11 billion jin

if agriculture is stable, the world will be safe. In Jilin City, agricultural machinery has a rapid labor cost of 233 yuan/ton, which will eventually become a qualitative judgment of growth, a substantial increase in the level of mechanization, and a significant increase in the comprehensive agricultural production capacity represented by the degree of mechanization. While liberating people from heavy agricultural production, it gives agricultural production a strong momentum, making agricultural production constantly leap to a new level, The role of agricultural ballast stone is increasingly stable. In the process of implementing the Rural Revitalization Strategy, drawing up a new blueprint for the development of modern agriculture, and striving to be the vanguard of modern agricultural construction, Jilin City has become more confident and sonorous

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