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Make every effort to realize the vision of the packaging industry. Boster launched a series of latest solutions

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core tip: a year ago, boster announced the vision of "shaping the future of the packaging world", committed to bringing profound changes to the packaging industry. A few days ago, boster announced several new solutions again.

a year ago, boster announced its vision of "shaping the future of the packaging world", committed to bringing profound changes to the packaging industry. Recently, boster once again announced several new solutions to fully promote and realize the vision of the packaging industry. These solutions are based on the four cornerstones of connectivity, digitalization, automation and sustainability, which can help customers cope with the transformation of packaging production

"a year ago, we formulated an ambitious vision. A year later, we launched new solutions to help brand owners and processors provide better quality, efficiency and control in a more sustainable way. These features have never been so important." Jean Pascal Bobst, CEO of boster group, said

1. Folding carton industry

meilong110a3 box pasting machine

the new multi-functional meilong110a3 box pasting machine has a new integrated module, which is specially used for the production of lock bottom boxes and 4/6 corner boxes. When changing orders in boxes, this is expected to give rise to more investment opportunities in the medical industry. Some functions can simplify and shorten the setup time, and reduce the job setup time by 80%. Meilong110 automatic box pasting machine has always become a synonym for multi-function and high performance. This equipment can use a wide variety of materials to produce an amazing number of color box styles, and produce color boxes at a speed of up to 450 meters/minute. Its preparation time and processing time are very short, which can extend the normal operation time to a greater extent

novafoil106 bronzing machine

the new novafoil106 bronzing machine can provide efficient, versatile, and cost-effective multi-color bronzing. The equipment can be quickly set up and changed orders to achieve higher productivity, enabling customers to bring more sophisticated packaging design and decorative effects to the high-value packaging market. This is the first bronzing machine with both horizontal and vertical ironing functions in boster. This machine with a wide range of functions can also be used for embossing, embossing, holographic bronzing, and even die cutting

novafoil106's die cutting and tooth row stepping system has been redesigned to provide greater pressure, longer pressure holding time, and smoother and more stable paper feeding, thus ensuring excellent decorative quality. Operator friendly ergonomics and high automation allow you to change orders quickly. Coupled with the function of calculating a more appropriate amount of bronzing film, this multifunctional post-processing decoration equipment can achieve more cost-effective, multifunctional and productive decoration quality


20 years ago, boster launched the powerregenter electronic registration system. This "no paper edge contact" paper feeding system still maintains its unique function. Today, accuregister is the latest version of this legendary optical die cutting to printing registration system. It can be used on the sp106 series die-cutting machine, which can reduce the setting time and the downtime related to paper feeding, improve productivity, and provide excellent registration quality

the new function specially developed for accutegister helps to reduce maintenance to a lower level. It also has the function of integrating into boster helpline remote diagnosis to provide fast and effective support, including human machine interface (HMI) integration, so as to provide operators with more appropriate ergonomics. With accuregenter, boster fully absorbed the advantages of powerregenter and perfectly integrated it into sp106 series products

set time reduction package

for those who buy boster's 106 format die-cutting machine, there is more good news: these machines can now be equipped with the set time reduction package, which will make the start of any operation faster and easier. Its functions include: the new 15 inch screen of Feida unit can speed up the setting process of boster optical registration system; Automatic pallet lifting for each new operation setting in Feida unit; And improved HMI ergonomic design, such as easier automatic non-stop processing

the software package also includes toolink, a new automated machine and tool connected system, including recipe management. With this software suite, processors can minimize downtime, improve ergonomics, and increase output

digital test bench for 106 format

boster's digital test bench (DIT) has made breakthroughs in quality control, simplifying processes, improving accuracy and automatic reporting. Now, DIT for 106 format is the latest member of boster's product portfolio. This advanced digital solution suitable for 106 format size is an intelligent digital device that can compare actual products with customers' PDF

from printing to decoration and die cutting (including checking Braille and embossing), it will actively monitor all links of the production process. The attached camera makes the paper quality detection digital, so as to correct the product quality problems in time. It can help avoid expensive customer complaints and ensure excellent quality every time

2. Corrugated box industry


masterut1.65 is a die-cutting equipment specially designed for the processing of offset printing and mounting cartons. In addition, this die-cutting machine can also handle folding color boxes and corrugated cardboard. This advantage makes it a machine suitable for almost all industries

combines all the advantages of folding color boxes and corrugated paperboard flattening die-cutting machine. It can handle all kinds of materials from 300g solid board to BC corrugated five layer offset paperboard. The upper part of Zhang to Zhang Feida is suitable for fragile and sensitive substrates. The specially modified powerregister electronic registration system and its powerful die cutting force ensure that this equipment can achieve more accurate die cutting even for complex carton design and fragile substrates, so as to ensure excellent die cutting quality

mastercut1.65 is also a rare solution for VII size materials in the market, and provides the possibility of product delivery of single knife, double knife and full sheet paper. Its excellent ergonomic design has a higher degree of automation and accessibility, as well as a completely intuitive hmisphere, which can also be processed quickly and easily to achieve higher productivity


speedpack automatic packaging machine can be used with exceltfold145/165, exceltfold, masterfold and other series of box pasting machines, so that packers can give full play to the potential of boster folding he said box pasting production line. The equipment has a higher processing quantity per batch per hour, and the setting time is very short, so it can greatly improve the productivity while maintaining the quality of cartons

cartons that have been folded and pasted will be automatically counted, stacked, packed, and then stacked. Speedpack can handle corrugated cartons or offset mounted cartons from straight-line boxes, 4/6 corner boxes to lock bottom boxes. This means that shapes and surfaces with various slip coefficients are not a problem for this versatile auxiliary device

3. Flexible packaging industry


onebarrier is a series of new alternative and sustainable substrates jointly developed by boster and its partners. A key project in onebarrier focuses on developing EVOH free solutions for high barrier all single material polyethylene (PE), so as to increase the amount of PE to a greater extent. We provide a recyclable and economical packaging structure while ensuring excellent barrier performance

future projects will focus on other single material plastic solutions, as well as the development of fiber-based paper packaging alternative solutions, which will be easy to recycle, thus providing impetus for the realization of circular economy. Onebarrier has the potential to change the deformation of the sample industry, and to use a single material with high barrier as an environmental protection substitute for traditional multi plastic and multi material packaging


visionrs5003 is a high productivity gravure printing machine, which can provide high-quality printing on various flexible substrates at a speed of up to 450 meters/minute. Boster is proud to announce the launch of a new solution based on visionrs5003. These solutions can meet specific customer needs and meet specific local market requirements. For example, in India and other regions, processors are looking for high-speed printing machines with automation functions to make operators easier while seeking to improve their sustainability. You should pay special attention to this when choosing equipment

visionrs5003 can meet more such needs. Automation solutions and intelligent trolleys make job preparation easy and fast, while fully automatic pre registration settings (TAPs) can achieve fast machine settings and less printing waste, thus eliminating the need to rely on the skills of printer operators

cooperate with sunvek to develop water-based ink applications

boster successfully developed water-based applications on gravure printing machines using sunvek's new water-based inks. The partnership with ink manufacturers aims to provide ink formulas that enable gravure printing to achieve higher performance and quality levels, while its VOC content is much lower than many alternative water-based products on the current market. These solutions will ensure that boster customers can improve their sustainability, comply with the latest regulations, and maintain a leading position in effectively solving new regulations

new solutions provide a clear path for the future of packaging

although the solutions released now have their own uniqueness and diversity, they also have one thing in common, that is, these solutions are committed to promoting the realization of boster's central strategy and vision. Whether it is to provide higher automation to improve productivity, optimized digitalization and connectivity to better integrate processors' solutions, or excellent sustainability to reduce waste and improve efficiency... All these solutions revolve around the four key pillars that drive boster's vision and shape the future packaging world

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