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Recently, Doumen Street convenience service center welcomed a special staff member - "whether the self-service specimen stress is normal terminal at most once". Once on the job, the declaration of more than 400 administrative power matters and public service matters in Yuecheng district can be operated on the street without going to the relevant departments in Yuecheng District, which truly realizes the situation of people and enterprises working at home

what can I do? I can provide people and enterprises with printing services of 13 high-frequency certificates such as "real estate registration inquiry certificate", "provident fund deposit and account opening certificate", "registered residence certificate", "endowment insurance treatment distribution certificate" and practical information inquiries such as "inquiry of certificates and letters of the disabled", "inquiry of subsistence allowances", "inquiry of employment and entrepreneurship information", and more than 200 power matters in Zhejiang government affairs can be accepted

since the party committees and governments at all levels put forward the reform requirement of "running at most once", Doumen street has adhered to the guidance of convenience and benefit to the people, combined with the needs of service objects, grass-roots carrying capacity and the principle of controllable handling risks, and extended the administrative service items and contents that are popular and most urgently needed to the grass-roots level. And through the "machine replacement", the service items can be handled by hand, and self-help, effectively alleviating the event sinking caused by the complexity of window work

originally, things that needed to be handled by queuing with numbers but with higher profits can now be handled by self-service on the machine in the hall, which is more convenient and efficient than before. In the actual use process, citizens only need to bring their second-generation ID card to the self-service terminal for authentication, which can realize all kinds of certificate printing and event declaration. At the same time, citizens can also check the progress of relevant items at home through digital TV set-top box after handling items on the self-service machine

at present, in order to help the reform work of "running at most once", accelerate the transformation of government functions, and improve the informatization level of administrative services, the street plans to build a 24-hour self-service point. At that time, a number of "running at most once" self-service terminals will be set up to realize a number of services covering all aspects of production and life, such as public security, traffic police, education, urban management, land and health. You can compare the protection methods of the hydraulic jaw of the tensile testing machine above:

at the same time, the "run at most once" self-service will also be extended to public service places in non working hours and communities, so that people can declare all kinds of administrative rights and public service matters nearby, and create a government service circle at the door of their homes all year round

(the original title [at most serious and even buy back an experimental machine that is not suitable for your own enterprise to run once] there is a new measure to run at most once: replace the machine and let the data run on your behalf. Tao Dongye)

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