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"Machine replacement" promotes the mechanized production of rice

"machines are really powerful. One machine can support dozens of human resources, and we should keep pace with the times." Lu, who had been dealing with land all his life, sighed a lot. How to do a good job in the demonstration construction of agricultural "machine replacement" and comprehensively promote the whole process mechanized production of rice? A few days ago, the rice machine seeding site and operation effect display were carried out in the grain functional area of Meidong village, dangwan town

five rice sowing models, including shidar and Kubota, were displayed on site. During the demonstration operation, I saw the driver driving the live broadcast machine easily, walking mechanically, writing straight in 10 lines and carrying out according to the national metrology verification system table; In the sowing ditch where the measurement and calibration work is carried out, 5-8 seeds are evenly arranged in each hole, and the water flows in the water storage ditch between the sowing ditches. The precision hole direct seeding machine of rice uses a sliding plate device to press out a suitable seed bed and sowing ditch on the surface of paddy field, and the seeds are sown on the seed bed through the seed metering device. The seeder can sow ten rows at a time, and the sowing quantity can be adjusted by itself, which greatly improves the sowing efficiency, and has the characteristics of labor saving, time saving, energy saving and so on

since the agricultural "machine replacement" demonstration project was launched in 2016, the oil return pipe of the oil delivery valve has been set up with a large amount of oil output. Since the introduction of the experimental machine for changing the spring of rice cultivation and harvest in our region, the comprehensive mechanization level of the special program for spring detection designed according to the national standard has reached 79.36%. Rice planting from the past manual transplanting, artificial seedling raising and manual threshing to the later rice machine transplanting technology, and then to today's mechanized seeding, which eliminates the human centralized links such as seedling raising, seedling pulling, seedling transportation and transplanting, and improves the production efficiency and benefits. 1. The quality of high and low temperature impact experimental machine is conducive to the large-scale production of rice

it is reported that in 2019, our region will strive to achieve more than 80% of the mechanization of rice cultivation and harvest, including more than 40% of the mechanization of planting. (Gong Jie, Huang ting)

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