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on May 24, in the workshop of Chongqing Chicheng light automobile parts Co., Ltd. in Yubei District, "robot" is working in an orderly manner. Picking up goods from the warehouse, delivering to the station, and then assembly line... All are completed by "robots"

Chongqing Chicheng light automobile parts Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chongqing Chicheng") is an "old factory" established more than 30 years ago. If traditional enterprises do not transform and upgrade, they will be eliminated by the times

now, Chongqing Chicheng has built a "digital" workshop, has the first domestic "flexible automatic production line" for the supply of automotive parts that integrates intelligence, data, automatic processing and detection, and has become the "leader" in the field of automotive parts in Chongqing

the traditional way can't keep up with the market demand

Chongqing Chicheng is a real "old brand enterprise", formerly known as the former Chongqing motorcycle manufacturer (a municipal collective enterprise) in 1983. In the past 36 years, the old factory has "shut down, stopped, merged and transferred", from "death of material damage after experiment to rebirth", from "small" to "large", from "weak" to "strong", and then to today's scientific and technological transformation, witnessing the history of traditional industrial development

Chongqing Chicheng has become a private joint-stock enterprise producing various micro cars and car parts, including side walls, doors, front and rear subframes (cars), front beams and rear axles (micro cars), stabilizer bars, control arms, fuel tanks and instrument panel frames, with hundreds of production types

nowadays, the clamping force of large samples such as Chang'an group, Hafei company, Changling company, Jiangling holdings, FAW Toyota will change with wear. Automobile enterprises are its partners. A few years ago, it was a 7 Please read the manual for details. It is a traditional manufacturing enterprise

"in the past, it was mainly manual work, and the running load of workshop workers was very large, up to more than 700 workers at most." Huang Gan, deputy general manager of Chongqing Chicheng, said that taking the production of side beams of automobile warehouses as an example, more than 30 workers in the past could only produce seven or eight pieces a day, "such a traditional production method has been far behind the market demand."

the old brand factories implement the "machine replacement"

Yubei district has issued policies to encourage traditional enterprises such as automobiles, electronics and equipment to carry out the application demonstration of "machine replacement, and the dried fiber will hardly have any contact with the humid environment", and build a number of flexible "machine replacement" demonstration production lines (points), digital workshops and digital chemical plants

in 2017, the government of Yubei District provided nearly 200million yuan of special funds for industrial support to more than 190 projects for industrial enterprises to carry out intelligent transformation, research and development of intelligent equipment, use of industrial robots, and technological transformation. Every year, Yubei District will allocate no less than 200million yuan of special industrial funds to encourage enterprises to build smart factories and innovate smart models

to keep up with the development of science and technology, old brand factories also implement the "machine replacement" plan. Chongqing Chicheng invested nearly 60million yuan to build a flexible automatic production line to produce key parts of automobile chassis

in December 2017, the first flexible automatic production line for automotive parts supply integrating intelligence, data, automatic processing and detection in China was officially put into production in Chongqing Chicheng

now, robots can complete a series of processes from piece assembly welding and assembly welding to finishing, assembly, packaging and so on. Workers only need to be responsible for loading and unloading and quality confirmation

in this production line, more than 30 mechanical arms that can rotate 360 degrees freely operate in order to make accurate continuous welding and handling actions

Huang Gan said that the use of "robots" can save about 80% of manpower for enterprises, and this production line has changed from more than 400 people to more than 60 people now; The quality qualification rate was increased by 30% and the production capacity was increased by 3 times. "It is also the production of warehouse side beams. After the technical transformation, one person can produce 35 beams a day, which greatly improves the efficiency."

automated three-dimensional warehouse distribution in place

galloping in Chongqing, automated three-dimensional warehouse makes the workshop full of "sense of science and technology". It was seen on the scene that the automatic "robot" (AGV) automatically extracted the spare parts required for production from the three-dimensional warehouse and distributed them to each station. The whole process is accurate, fast and smooth

in the past, workers were required to go to the warehouse to find out the required spare parts, and then carry them to the station. Due to the long transfer distance, a large number of workers have heavy work on the upper and lower parts. In a common saying, "it costs both motor and electricity"

with the automatic "robot", all connections are "seamless", and workers only need to press the button to complete the operation

Huang Gan said that in the first phase of the "intelligent production line" for the front and rear wheel hubs of automobiles newly launched this year, two workers can complete the welding of 24 pieces, while in the past, even "skilled workers" needed 20 people to complete the welding of 45 pieces

a large number of technicians were liberated and arranged to engage in more creative work

in September this year, the second phase of the "intelligent production line" for the front and rear wheels of Chongqing Chicheng automobile will also be put into operation

at present, the annual output of Chongqing Chicheng can reach 500000 sets of front and rear subframes, 500000 sets of instrument panel frames, 200000 sets of front beam and rear axle, and 1.8 million stabilizer bars

this is the epitome of the transformation and upgrading of Chongqing's automobile industry

Huang Gan said that as an old industrial enterprise, the reason why it has the confidence to implement the "machine replacement" plan is not only to adapt to the new situation and change the new way of development, but also inseparable from the strong support of the government. "In recent two years, we have received more than 12 million yuan of financial subsidies from Yubei District, accounting for 20% of the project investment of the enterprise."

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