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"Machine replacement" enterprises lead the resumption of work and production

"machine replacement" enterprises lead the resumption of work and production

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original title: "machine replacement" enterprises lead the resumption of work and production

in the production workshop of Shengxue company, the U-tube automatic punching line is processing leisure products parts

Wuyi news "a machine can support four workers, and a production line only needs two employees to manage, which greatly reduces the pressure of epidemic prevention." On February 23, Ying hukang, executive president of Wuyi Dingkang Technology Co., Ltd., said. The company's production workshops rumble, and four "intelligent robot" production lines are at full power to process and produce treadmills exported to the U.S. market

but I don't hear human voice when I smell the machine. In the huge workshop of Dingkang technology company, more than 200 workers used to work, but now there are only more than 10 people left. According to Jia hukang, the company has resumed work in an all-round way since February 11, giving full play to the role of intelligent equipment and intelligent robots such as the automatic production line of electronic paste technology for base metals. At present, the resumption rate has reached more than 80%, with a daily output of 3500 units, "leading" similar enterprises in the industry. Affected by the epidemic, our county implements a strict approval and filing system for enterprises that resume work and production. Dingkang technology, an enterprise with high technology content, less labor and sufficient orders, has become the first batch of resumption enterprises

"machines are not afraid of viruses, and people are not afraid of machines. They can all be in close contact." In the production workshop of shengxuegong, another high-tech production enterprise that started earlier, the experimental results showed that Guo Yong, an automation engineer, joked. Shengxue these enterprises will be liquidated before the end of September, cancel or supplement and improve the procedures for improvement and rectification. Since 2019, the company has invested 70million yuan to carry out industrial transformation and upgrading, and build a benchmark intelligent factory with automatic production and digital control. At present, each automatic production line can produce more than 4000 semi-finished products. After the "machine replacement", the company's production capacity has been comprehensively improved, with a single day production of 30000 finished products, and last year's annual GDP reached 430million yuan

with the replacement of machines, there are fewer workers in each production line, and the working hours between workers are far away, which provides great advantages for epidemic prevention. Workers live in the enterprise and in the restaurant. The cultural concept of carrying love in Jinan experimental machine factory is expressed in the service end as eating at home with heart, not going out, wearing masks to work, strict disinfection and body temperature monitoring, and good epidemic prevention conditions provide confidence for enterprises to implement the safety main body

it is understood that our county has deeply implemented the industrial upgrading strategy and issued a series of supporting policies to subsidize the purchase of industrial robots by 25%. At present, our county has implemented more than 30 provincial and municipal key technological transformation projects, added more than 130 robots, and completed industrial technological transformation investment of 1.196 billion yuan, an increase of 36.1% year-on-year

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