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[longrun lubricant] won the "double material award" of lubtop2017 lubricant industry general evaluation list

[if longrun lubricant is too low, gas will overflow from plastic] won the "double material award" of lubtop2017 lubricant industry general evaluation list

China Construction Machinery Information

on December 28, 2017, by China Lubricant information The "lubtop2017 peak breakthrough in China's lubricant industry! High performance 3D printing materials have passed the ESA rigorous testing forum" sponsored by lubricant market magazine was grandly held in Shanghai. This forum is an industry forum with high-level participants, strong speakers and cross-border interaction. It is a smart feast that will have an important impact on the future development of China's lubricant industry. Industry leaders, leading experts, CEOs of well-known enterprises, leaders of enterprises winning the general evaluation list of GM and lubtop, as well as a number of guests from the Chinese and foreign lubricant industry chain gathered in Shanghai to participate in the grand event, which will lead industry insiders to make more and more in-depth thinking about China's lubricant industry and actively promote the healthy development of the lubricant industry

location: Howard Johnson Hotel, Hongqiao, Shanghai


China Lubricating Oil Industry Summit Forum

"lubtop2017 China lubricating oil industry annual general evaluation list" is an "industry Oscar" led by international giants and jointly contested by China's independent well-known brands. According to the person in charge of the organizing committee, the lubtop2017 general evaluation list always adheres to the principles of fairness, impartiality, openness and public welfare, adheres to high standards and bottom line thinking, takes technological innovation, market performance and user satisfaction as the brand evaluation benchmark system, and adheres to the concept of "building brand benchmarks and enlightening the future of the industry". After enterprise application, Industry Organization recommendation, public voting, professional market research The expert tutor Committee strictly reviews the process, and finally produces the winning brands in the general evaluation list

it is a great honor that longrun lubricant has won the two awards of "lubtop2017 top ten independent brands in China's lubricant industry" and "lubtop2017 most popular diesel engine oil"

lubtop2017 lubricant industry general evaluation list "Double Award"

lubtop2017 top ten independent brands in China's lubricant industry

lubtop2017 most popular user diesel engine oil

longrun group

longrun group relies on deep industry resources, exquisite professional technology and strong capital strength, cooperates with a number of national scientific research institutions, and actively participates in resource integration and technological innovation in China's local Lubricant manufacturing field, Gradually formed a new production enterprise operation mode with "technology as the core, production as the basis, innovation as the driving force, and service as the support", and achieved leapfrog development

longrun group, as a leading domestic manufacturer of lubricating oil products that constantly adheres to independent innovation and customized research and development for customers, has been committed to developing high-quality lubricating products for heavy machinery manufacturers to meet the increasingly stringent operating requirements of construction machinery equipment

at present, longrun group has become a major lubricant supplier in the automotive and construction machinery industry. It has established a strategic partnership with XCMG group, a leading enterprise in the global equipment manufacturing industry, and has cooperated with well-known automobile manufacturers such as JAC and Jinlong bus to carry out initial oil loading business. At the same time, longrun group also has excellent performance in oil service in metallurgy, coal, mining, railway, shipbuilding, electric power, cement, and other industries, and has more in-depth cooperation with many steel groups, mining groups, heavy machinery manufacturing groups, shipping groups, etc

since the beginning, the installed capacity of domestic photovoltaic power generation of longrun lubricating oil has exceeded 77.42 million KW, and the principle of "three checks" has been implemented at the end, that is, "inspection of raw materials entering the factory, production quality and sampling inspection of finished products leaving the factory". At the same time, the three systems of quality, environment, occupational health and safety and TS16949 system are monitored in real time to ensure product quality in an all-round way throughout the whole process

longrun group adheres to the business philosophy of "honesty and common development", provides customers with the best use experience, and wholeheartedly provides longrun's comprehensive lubrication solutions for all automotive, industrial and manufacturing customers. Longrun is committed to bringing more professional services, environmental protection and high-quality products into the lives of more people. Make every effort to build longrun brand, lead the progress of the industry, promote the development of all fields, and strive to achieve the glorious cause of longrun for a century

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