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"Machine replacement" realizes the improvement of production quality and efficiency

boost Liuyang manufacturing towards Liuyang intelligent manufacturing

Liuyang news (Hu Jixing) in the tide of year-on-year decline of 3% in the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, the manufacturing industry is facing the need for upgrading, and the upgrading demand from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing is particularly urgent in Liuyang Economic Development Zone, where enterprises gather

enter lansizhi located in Liuyang economic and Technological Development Zone, otherwise the spacious and bright workshop of heater robot (Changsha) Co., Ltd. will be damaged when powered on. All kinds of intelligent equipment are ready to go. AGV automatic handling trolley successfully realizes the automation of material distribution in the workshop, and the online manipulator can quickly pick up the glass cover plate, the silk screen printer prints various colors on the glass cover plate, and the manipulator automatically completes the loading, inserting, and Cutting and other actions

in the trend of machine replacement, lansys technology can be said to be a step ahead. Two years ago, Lansi technology began to build a smart factory and invested in the establishment of Lansi intelligent robot (Changsha) Co., Ltd., mainly to build industrial robots, high-end intelligent equipment production lines and assembly bases

taking the silk screen printing machine independently developed by the company as an example, the equipment makes the flow process intelligent, and at least replaces the three types of work of silk printing masters, inspectors and porters. In the past, an assembly line needed about 200 workers, but now only seven or eight workers are needed, and the excellent rate of products is more than 98%

in fact, lansys technology is far from the only enterprise to embark on the road of upgrading from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing by accelerating the replacement of machines

in the first production workshop of Hunan ouzhitong Technology Co., Ltd., nearly 10000 wireless WiFi modules are successfully offline every hour. In such a large workshop, several workers operate more than a dozen machine tools, and the fully automatic and intelligent production line has replaced manual operations

in order to break the deadlock of difficult recruitment, eurosmart has conducted intelligent transformation of five production lines this year, greatly reducing the employment demand of front-line workers. In the past, 10 people were needed for a production line, but now only 4 people are needed, and the monthly production has also increased from 2million pieces to 4million pieces

in the new intelligent small volume injection production line invested by Hunan Warner Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the accuracy of test data can be guaranteed. More than 10 workers have replaced more than 30 workers in the original production line, and the production capacity has increased by more than 3 times

in recent years, Liuyang economic and Technological Development Zone has vigorously promoted machine replacement in enterprises, accelerated the pace of intelligent transformation, promoted the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and seized the commanding heights of future industries. In addition to Lansi technology, ouzhitong and Warner pharmaceutical, its tensile strength is mainly tested in the park. More than 20 enterprises, including Yanjin shop, have made substantial steps in promoting intelligent manufacturing and achieved practical results

in the next step, Liuyang economic and Technological Development Zone will focus on the construction of intelligent manufacturing base of electronic information industry based on intelligent terminals and intelligent manufacturing demonstration zone based on biomedicine, and strive to basically realize the digital manufacturing of leading enterprises in biomedicine, electronic information and other industries within three years, so as to contribute to Liuyang manufacturing's stride towards Liuyang intelligent manufacturing

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