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"Machine replacement" constitutes a busy new landscape of "three summers"

at present, with the completion of summer harvest work, summer planting is being carried out in a tense and orderly manner. In the wanqingliangtian project area of Jinsha street, there are few farmers who bow their heads and work. Instead, they are replaced by roaring agricultural machinery. The whole process of mechanized operation is becoming a unique scenery of "three summer" operation

swing the seedling tray, start, move forward, accelerate... On June 13, I saw three four-wheel riding rice transplanters in the wanqingliangtian project area of Jinsha street. Agricultural Mechanics skillfully operated the rice transplanter. Behind them, rows of green rice seedlings stood neatly and evenly in the field (see the left picture, photographed by Shen Weiwei). Mechanized rice transplanting not only reduces the labor intensity of farmers, but also greatly improves the production efficiency. Li Yungui, director of wanqingliangtian production area in Tongzhou District, said, "we now have 12 rice transplanters, which can transplant seedlings from 450 Mu to 500 mu a day, with a total of 6000 mu. We plan to complete it in more than 10 days. The whole rice transplanting work will be launched as early as 2015, and it is expected to end on the 20th."

it is understood that the 10000 hectares of fertile land in Jinsha street is contracted and operated by the state-owned agricultural enterprise suken Nongfa Haian branch, and has formed a planting scale of 6200 Mu at present. Here, the development of agricultural mechanization not only improves efficiency, but also describes the new "three summers" work picture. In all links of summer harvest and summer planting, all kinds of agricultural machinery have shown their skills in solving problems such as the lack of utilization evaluation and the long formulation cycle of new material standards in Wanqing fertile fields - there are rotary cultivators for ploughing, transplanters for planting seedlings, harvesters for harvesting, dehumidifiers and dryers for dehumidification... It can be said that in our Wanqing fertile field project area, the whole process from seed laying to harvesting and warehousing is handed over to machines to work, "machine replacement" further reduces the use of labor. "Because of the labor shortage now, in order to really lead the sustainable development blueprint, we have mechanized the whole process, equipped with more than 20 large tractors and more than 30 agricultural machines and tools. From the ploughing and sowing of the land, fertilizing and watering, to the harvesting, all of them are carried out by agricultural machines, which will be able to alleviate the tension of rural labor." Wuxiaopeng, the person in charge of wanqingliangtian project in our district, introduced

mechanization of the whole process makes farming simple. After summer planting, only five people are needed in the Wanqing fertile field project area to do a good job in the field management of the whole area, with a per capita management area of more than 1000 mu. In the next step, the company will continue to invest in new machinery and equipment to promote agricultural production from mechanization to intelligence, with simple operation. "While implementing the whole process mechanization, we also bought back two unmanned aerial vehicles for plant protection. We will also build an unmanned farm to realize the whole process intelligence of harvesting, transplanting, farming, cultivation and management." Wu Xiaopeng said. (Shen Weiwei)



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