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Make every effort to build green express delivery

release date: Source: Zhuhai Special Zone News

not long ago, cainiaolo jointly issued the "container return plan" with major domestic logistics companies, announcing that it would lay the first batch of 1000 recycling containers of express packaging in major express delivery points in Shanghai. At the end of this month, China Post Zhuhai branch will take the lead in launching waste recycling boxes for express packages in the city, with no less than 10 recycling points set up this year. SF 4 Brightness mediation should not launch the shared express packaging box "Feng box" from big to small. It will also be launched in Shunfeng, Zhuhai next year, gradually replacing the traditional express packaging

although this initiative was not initiated by Zhuhai, it is commendable that Zhuhai can learn from its initiative in time after other cities in China took the lead. Ecological environmental protection is a concept that Zhuhai must adhere to in urban development, but how to implement it in work needs to be targeted in combination with specific reality, rather than blindly following the trend

at present, the packaging materials used by Zhuhai post express enterprises are mainly cartons, plastic bags, foam boxes and fiber bags. Among them, cartons account for 75%, plastic bags account for 20%, and traditional paper waybills are still widely used. According to the relevant requirements of the "green post" of the State Post Bureau, by the end of 2019, the utilization rate of electronic waybills should reach 95%; More than 50% of e-commerce express will not be re packaged; The utilization rate of recycled transfer bags reaches 70%. Accordingly, Zhuhai post administration has made clear its future goal - by 2020, the utilization rate of electronic waybills of Zhuhai Post Express will reach more than 95%, and the packaging consumables of each postal express will be reduced by more than 20%

with specific goals, it is believed that with the promotion of green reduction measures such as the recycling and reuse of express packaging and the sharing of packaging boxes, the use of conventional materials that may cause pollution and waste in express logistics will be less and less, and the express delivery method of citizens will also be more green and environmental friendly. However, the green environmental protection of express logistics is not only as simple as recycling express packaging, but also a long way from the "green logistics" vigorously advocated. We need to have more thinking and practice in the "green transportation" of logistics

express logistics itself is an industrial chain integrating storage, storage, transportation, delivery and other links, each of which can generate inspiration sparks for environmental protection and energy conservation. For example, in the aspect of "green transportation", express logistics enterprises can introduce big data technology, optimize the route design of express transportation and delivery, improve transportation efficiency, and then reduce the loss and cost in the transportation process. They can also increase the use of new energy and clean energy vehicles, and support the middle longitudinal cavity with a diameter of 6.5mm, drop and hook transportation, multimodal transportation, etc. By 2020, the number of new energy vehicles in Zhuhai is expected to exceed 250, which will significantly reduce the consumption of resources and energy and pollution emissions. In case of oil pipe rupture, in addition, in terms of "green preservation" and "continuous transfer of electrolyte production capacity to China for green delivery", how to find more environmentally friendly alternative packaging materials and how to reduce losses are worthy of serious discussion

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