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Launching experts of the China Ceramic Museum launched an in-depth discussion

launching experts of the China Ceramic Museum launched an in-depth discussion

China News: on December 22, 2016, the construction of the China Ceramic Museum was started and the license was awarded. The preparation of the museum has attracted the attention of national, provincial and municipal trade associations, ceramic artists and other social circles. In the afternoon of the same day, an in-depth discussion on China Ceramic Museum was held in Shiwan ancient town cultural innovation park. A group of experts were full of expectations for the future and offered suggestions. On the spot, experts and guests put forward their own ideas on the construction and planning of China Ceramic Museum

qinxilin (former president of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, famous ceramist and educator)

president Qin expressed his appreciation for the China Ceramic Museum. He said that the China Ceramic Museum should cover the whole country and fully demonstrate the charm of China as a big ceramic country. If you want to set a good goal, you must go step by step

wuyiyue (founding chairman of Guangdong Building Materials Industry Association)

speaking from the historical track of the development of Chinese ceramics and its position in the world, Chairman Wu believes that ceramics are products that can speak and express feelings. "How should Chinese ceramic culture be inherited in the future? The country urgently needs a Chinese ceramic Museum, and needs the support and joint efforts of the government, enterprises, associations, artists and other aspects."

Chen Huan (president of Guangdong Ceramic Association)

President Chen responded to Chairman Fu's topic of "cultural self-confidence". He believes that cultural inheritance is a very important topic in the development of the ceramic industry today, so he is very looking forward to the awarding of the China Ceramic Museum

houwenquan (Secretary General of China Ceramic Industry Association)

Secretary General Hou said that the establishment of China Ceramic Museum is a dream of China Ceramic Industry Association to spread ceramic culture to the whole country and the world. However, he also pointed out that at present, the museum is still in its infancy and needs to work hard on content accumulation and gather the strength of all sectors of society

chenzhenguang (Secretary General of Guangdong Ceramic Association)

Secretary Chen pointed out that in the emerging stage, it is necessary to think carefully about what China Ceramic Museum needs to do to not only reflect the history, but also connect the modern and future

Luo Qing (Secretary General of Foshan Ceramic Industry Association)

"I have paid close attention to the Chinese Ceramic Museum since its establishment. To see the development of a city's civilization, we must first see how many art museums and museums there are in the city.

Bai Ling (counselor of Guangdong Provincial People's government)

"I have a deep relationship with Shiwan. More than 20 years ago, I went to Shiwan for an interview and always paid close attention to the development of Shiwan. Now, when I visit Shiwan again, I saw the old factory buildings and chimneys of the former industrial sites. These are the marks of the glorious history of the pottery capital and a very precious part of history." Secretary Bai said

at the same time, she also put forward two suggestions: first, the museum bears the imprint of a long history, but also the bearing and development in the future. From now on, we should use video, sound and other methods to record every important moment in history; 2、 China Ceramic Museum should not only record the unique cultural characteristics of Shiwan, but also let the whole China and even the world understand the development of Chinese ceramics

yaojunyi (counsellor of the people's Government of Guangdong Province)

"from the China Ceramics Museum, we can see three feelings: first, the feelings of hometown to carry forward the Chinese ceramic culture; second, the feelings of industry to remember the development process of the ceramic industry; third, the feelings of history, with the ancient Nanfeng stove with a history of 500 years as the core. This is the belief of an entrepreneur."

he also put forward four suggestions: 1. Build a "living" museum with temperature, and let the products tell the moving stories behind the products through high-tech means; 2. Through the carrier of the museum, the ceramic culture is inherited from the protection of cultural assets; 3. Open up the upstream and downstream industrial chains of ceramics to form the effect of industrial agglomeration; 4. Creativity is condensed to form industries such as creative design

liuzemian (Asia Pacific master and Chinese arts and Crafts Master)

"building a Chinese Ceramic Museum is the call of the times and needs to be realized step by step!"

liaohongbiao (Master of Chinese arts and crafts)

as a native of Shiwan, master liaohongbiao expressed his great pleasure at the awarding of the China Ceramics Museum, which is to benefit Shiwan people and future generations

zhongrurong (Chairman of Foshan Artists Association and master of Chinese arts and crafts)

he pointed out that starting from the macro concept of "Chinese ceramics", the exhibition methods in the museum should be planned by means of modern information technology and from the perspective of aesthetics

at the end of the seminar, liangtongcan, chairman of the group, made a summary speech. He first thanked the China Ceramic Industry Association for awarding the "China Ceramic Museum", and also thanked the experts on the scene for their suggestions on the construction of the museum. He expressed the hope that the China Ceramic Museum would be built well and become a symbol of the city, living up to the expectations of the public

summary: the launching and construction of China Ceramic Museum not only retains the ceramic culture, but also reflects the development process of China's ceramic industry, and plays an inherited role in the development of the industry. At the kick-off meeting, the industry leaders spoke freely, expressed their views on the dissemination and inheritance of ceramic culture, affirmed the establishment of the Ceramic Museum, and placed hopes on the development of the industry

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