Top 5 years and 3 billion to see how XCMG quenches

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Three billion in five years, see XCMG how to quench the fire fighting King Kong

3billion in five years, see XCMG how to refine fire fighting King Kong

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recently, the first youth military drama "secret service elite" with fire theme in China hit the screen. XCMG dg54c climbing platform fire truck undoubtedly became the second protagonist of the drama, helping the actors in the drama to complete a soul stirring rescue performance

XCMG's complete set of fire engines assisted the first large-scale cross sea fire drill in China

XCMG's complete set of fire engines participated in the fire rescue in Neijiang City

emergency alarm, high-altitude rescue, fire fighting, rescue and simulated actual combat. In real life, XCMG's fire engines excelled in ensuring every alarm task in all kinds of rescue, and made repeated contributions in ensuring and protecting the safety of society and people's lives and property, It has been highly praised by the majority of fire officers and soldiers. XCMG fire truck and fire officers and soldiers are performing the "most beautiful retrograde" together

Over the years, XCMG has been committed to the cause of national defense, safeguarding the safety of people's lives and property with high-quality products. From fire fighting to actual combat rescue, XCMG has never lacked the presence of XCMG fire engines. It has always spared no effort to support people's expectations with responsibility and safeguard the safety of people's lives and property with loyalty and struggle

undertake projects of national ministries and commissions, and enter the fire industry from a high starting point

relying on XCMG's strong technical accumulation and manufacturing advantages, in 1995, driven by the "Ninth Five Year Plan" scientific and technological research project of the Ministry of public security, it pioneered the highest climbing platform fire truck cdz53 in Asia, marking the prelude to the rapid development of domestic high-rise fire truck products

XCMG, relying on high-altitude boom products, through years of dedicated research and development and lean production, has set the record of Asian climbing platform fire truck for four consecutive times, and broke the world record of the highest lifting and spraying fire truck with jp80

in 2016, XCMG fire protection adhered to the technology leading strategy of "high starting point", actively practiced the gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use" put forward by Chairman Wang Min of the group, comprehensively benchmarked international benchmark enterprises, fully focused on key core technologies and core parts, and successively realized the key technologies of large and super large lift fire engines, high-efficiency and large flow industrial high spray engines A number of major technological breakthroughs, such as the key technologies of compact and efficient lifting fire engines

In 2017, XCMG vigorously promoted the upgrading of products, and successively launched 32 V5 series fire engines. With the help of XCMG's "industrial cloud" platform, XCMG first applied IOT management technology based on big data cloud platform in the fire industry, helping China's fire forces guarantee and promote the transformation of the generation mode of core combat effectiveness of fire fighting and rescue, and with the continuous innovation of core technologies, XCMG has once again taken the lead in the domestic fire protection industry. At present, XCMG V5 series fire engines have entered the domestic market in batches

At present, XCMG has formed a complete set of rescue and fire-fighting product group integrating climbing, spraying, ladder and special service fire-fighting vehicles, creating a powerful corps of specialized and complete sets of fire-fighting rescue, meeting the needs of personalized complete sets of equipment at each fire station, and providing customers with professional and complete set of product solutions. At the same time, with the help of XCMG's advanced boom design and manufacturing experience, XCMG has also realized the three series of shear fork, curved arm and straight arm, and more than 20 new generation aerial work platform product groups. Its products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions around the world

military civilian integration, highlighting XCMG society

XCMG, as the only enterprise in China that has proven reserves one by one with the application system technology of fire truck simulation, is also the only co construction unit of the advanced category of fire trucks in the National Engineering Laboratory for fire protection and emergency rescue and the use of sticky soft rubber on the surface contacted with the sample. It provides hundreds of fire vehicle training for officers and soldiers of the fire armed police and other system users every year, It has successively held training courses for national fire officers and soldiers to lift fire engines, Chinese people's Liberation Army to lift and spray fire engines, Jiangsu provincial fire forces to lift and spray fire engines, petrochemical system fire vehicles, etc., and signed long-term strategic cooperation agreements with China Armed Police Command College, Jiangsu Provincial Fire Corps and Nanjing noncommissioned officer teaching base

XCMG signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jiangsu fire brigade

XCMG accompanied me in the youth military activity

fire officers and soldiers participated in the training of simulation training system

XCMG is not only a manufacturer of fire equipment, but also a disseminator of fire knowledge. Every year, young volunteers of XCMG go to communities and primary schools to distribute their own fire escape leaflets and explain the use of fire extinguishers, Use your continuous efforts to enhance the awareness of the public on fire prevention, build a solid fire safety line, and highlight the XCMG society

In order to meet the needs of the continuous development of the industry, XCMG has completed the overall planning of XCMG's new fire-fighting base. At that time, XCMG will build a high standard intelligent manufacturing demonstration base for fire engines and aerial work platforms. After completion, it will have an annual output of 1500 fire engines, more than 10000 aerial work platforms and an annual output value of 3billion yuan

on the road of helping XCMG reach the summit of Mount Everest and realize the dream of a world-class enterprise, XCMG will be committed to providing safe, fast, intelligent and efficient fire rescue equipment for users around the world, to ensuring the safety of people's lives and property around the world, to providing safe and high-performance fire rescue products, and to guarding the beautiful home of the world

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