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The list of "2019 top 50 unicorn of artificial intelligence industry" was released in Liangjiang New Area. On June 13, 2019, the event of Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Station in China kicked off. It was learned that the Top50 list of 2019 artificial intelligence industry unicorns was released in Liangjiang New Area for the first time, and 25 artificial intelligence industry unicorns such as Shangtang technology and Yuncong technology and 25 quasi unicorns such as xiaoi robot and Turing robot were listed

the evaluation lasted two months, and the evaluation indicators included six dimensions: scale, progressiveness, innovation, growth, sustainability and public influence. According to the list data, the latest financing rounds of 25 Unicorn listed companies are mostly concentrated in round C, accounting for 32%. Round C financing accounts for 60%. Among the 25 quasi unicorns released this time, the latest financing rounds are mainly focused on round B, accounting for 44%, and round C financing of quasi unicorns accounts for 12%

judging from the geographical distribution of both decoration and beauty, Beijing is a well deserved Unicorn gathering place. Among the 25 listed enterprises, 12 unicorns are from Beijing, accounting for 48%. In addition, there are 5 unicorns in Shenzhen, 4 unicorns in Shanghai, and 1 unicorn in Suzhou, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chongqing and other places. The distribution trend of quasi unicorns is the same. Among the 25 quasi unicorns on the list, 13 are from Beijing, accounting for 52%; Shanghai and Shenzhen each account for four, and the rest are also distributed in coastal areas

it is worth mentioning that after years of development, the four AI dragons, Shangtang, Kuangshi, Yuncong and Yitu, have grown from a small company to a medium-sized company, and initially have the potential of a platform company

among them, Yuncong technology, an enterprise in Liangjiang New Area, has become a financial product supplier for more than 400 banks across the country, such as Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, and China Merchants Bank, with a market share of more than 70%

in terms of retail, Yuncong technology has established cooperative relations with Haier, Gome, Xiaomi, Dongdan but with opportunities and challenges, Nissan 4S stores, yum! Brands, KFC, pharma and other brands to help their stores realize the functions of people flow analysis, heat map tracking, monitoring, patrol inspection, management, inventory checking, etc., and realize the functions of face login, payment, after-sales service engineer identification, etc., so as to accelerate the full integration of online and offline

"Chongqing, as an important manufacturing industry in China, is a base for equipment manufacturers of recycled plastic granulators. It has a very strong industrial foundation and has a bright prospect of integrated development with artificial intelligence. On this basis, more and more Unicorn enterprises in Chongqing will emerge in the future to create an innovative ecosystem." Niu Wenwen, chairman of venture dark horse, said

this year, the government work report of the national two sessions upgraded artificial intelligence to "intelligence +". As a national strategy, artificial intelligence is gradually integrating with industry, accelerating the optimization and upgrading of economic structure, and has a far-reaching impact on people's production and lifestyle

it is reported that in 2018, the scale of China's artificial intelligence core industry reached 68.6 billion yuan. By the end of 2018, more than 20 provinces had issued more than 30 special support policies for artificial intelligence. At present, the country has formed a development pattern of leading regions and letting a hundred flowers bloom

as the "leader" and "pacesetter" of Chongqing's economic and social development, Liangjiang New Area is vigorously implementing the development strategy of scientific and Technological Innovation led by big data intelligence, and vigorously promoting the construction of digital economy to boost the high-quality development of economy and society

(Xie Li)

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