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Five rubber industry projects were listed in the key

of Zhejiang Province. Not long ago, Zhejiang Province announced the 2014 key construction projects, including five projects with strong performance, such as framework materials, styrene butadiene rubber, reclaimed rubber and conveyor belt

5 projects are respectively the 13500T/a special rubber belt framework material production line project of Zhejiang No.3 Kanda industrial cloth Co., Ltd., the 100000 t/a styrene butadiene rubber project of Zhejiang Weitai Rubber Co., Ltd., and the 30000 T/a reconstituted rubber and 20000 t/a high strength recycled rubber production line of radial tire by Zhejiang Liyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. using waste tires and rubber, Zhejiang Fenfei rubber and plastic products Co., Ltd. uses modified technology to recycle 50000 tons of waste rubber tires to form a high-end conveyor belt production line with an annual output of 50million square meters, and Sanmen rubber city project

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