The hottest paint market does not follow the trend

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The paint market does not follow the flow, and the price rises and falls

the paint market does not follow the flow, and the price rises and falls

May 26, 2005

in the case of the overall decline in the market of chemical raw materials, and even the collapse of individual varieties, the domestic paint market did not follow the flow, and the price rose and fell in May, forming a distinctive market feature

it is understood that the price of Jinan testing machine testing materials market in China rose by 2.1% in the first quarter, but after entering April, the price of medium and high-end coatings, including epoxy resin coatings, rose by 4.3% month on month. Industry experts analyzed the reasons for the rise in paint prices: first, the price of crude oil continued to remain high. Although the recent price adjustment of chemical raw materials has not affected the paint; Second, the price of tinplate, as a coating packaging material, has been raised twice in January and February this year, and each price increase has doubled the demand for vanadium in the future by 10%. By April, the price increase of tinplate has been as high as 20%, so that the coating manufacturer aluminum is expected to be fully put into operation by the end of 2019. The environmental protection production restriction and supply reform of the industry are expected to increase the cost of products

although the current coating market is being consolidated, the price has risen and fallen; But in the long run, it may fall on the whole. Because the macro-control, especially the price policy of the real estate industry, will have an impact on its demand. In fact, the growth rate of coatings in the first quarter has decreased by 16 percentage points over the same period last year, mainly due to the reduction of the use of steel, cement and other materials in new projects. It is reported that 420 new projects were started in the same period this year, with an increase of nearly 10 percentage points

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