The hottest paint in Wuhan was not adjusted well,

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Wuhan: the merchants who didn't adjust the paint well lost 13, 000

Wuhan: the merchants who didn't adjust the paint well lost 13, 000

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[China paint information] because the paint didn't adjust, it had to adopt the calculation formula of landing spectrum. After the furniture was painted into a big face, the merchants lost tens of thousands of yuan

Fluorocarbons are formed by copolymerization of fluorine with a little methyl methacrylate and NVP. The fluorine in them exists in the form of perfluoroethylene ether, and its concentration is 10 times higher than that of fluorosiloxane acrylate.

Dong Bing, who lives in Houhu, Wuhan, complained that he bought the furniture for his new house. The most important key is the transformation and upgrading of 4000 yuan of China Resources furniture paint, which made the company staff adjust the paint color to "Milan white". Because the paint is not adjusted well, the furniture has color difference. Find the China Resources Company located in the same city square, and the company only agrees to remove the paint of the furniture with thinner and then repaint it. Dong Bing believes that this will damage the furniture

Wansong industrial and commercial office investigated the complaint and found that the paint prepared by the merchant did have color difference. After mediation, the merchant compensated the Dong family 13500 yuan. On June 1, Dong Bing received this payment

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