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Paint filling and packaging line

not long ago, diversified brands launched scratch fix 2in1, an innovative automotive repair paint, which includes two applicators on the cover. Users can use NIB balls or conical brushes to repair automotive scratches

in order to mass produce scratch fix 2in1 paint, diversified brands added a customized packaging line at its elk grow village headquarters in Illinois in early 2003. This production line is integrated by advantage puck, which reduces the handling and labor costs of packaging containers compared with the original production line for scratch fix paint, which includes only one brush applicator

the packaging container adopts BP chemicals' barex? Resin manufacturing, which is an acrylonitrile comonomer that can resist chemicals, has proved to be the most suitable material for automotive paint.

the sales price of new containers is higher than that of aluminum tubes. However, the company's market research shows that consumers are willing to pay for the pen tip or traditional brush used in a package to apply paint

efficiency of packaging line

the flexibility of this new paint filling production line is greatly improved, which can meet the requirements of plastic pipes and metal pipes, as well as 25/8 inch high × 13/8 inch diameter glass cans

the power supply of the belt pulling machine must be turned off when the machine goes to and from work. The maintenance method and functional characteristics of the belt pulling machine the efficiency of the production line is higher than the original production line. "It is necessary to change the packaging production line." Dubots said. "Because before the products are shipped out, we have to carry them many times, and each time we need costs."

Chuck guy, the process control manager of the company, said that in the past, aluminum tubes were composed of six pieces, which were assembled mechanically by discrete operation. "Then, the pipes are put into the conveyor belt and sent to another department. They are automatically labeled and transported away again. They are transported to the packaging department and put in the shipping box."

now, diversified brands benefits from a simplified process in which the purchased aluminum tubes are pre assembled into two components by team packaging. Eversharp pen supplies two-piece plastic tubes, brush/cap assemblies, and tube or bottle assemblies

when asked about the economic benefits of this change, guy said, "there is no increase in cost. In fact, it saves a lot of time. In addition, we need to buy more machines for this production line to assemble these components."

in addition to reducing the handling on the production line, Sherwin Williams consumer group, a division of diversified brands, seeks to increase the speed from its original speed of 70 bags/min, so that the 131810 square meter plant can improve the production capacity

the company began to research new production lines in late 2001. "We have been working on this project for about 6 months." Dubots said, "we try to find experts in paint filling.

advantage puck spent a lot of time in our factory, and we have established a good partnership. Its method is to analyze our needs. Advantage puck has the resources and ability to customize the design and construction system for us."

automatic handling

in addition to the integrated production line, advantage puck also supplies some key equipment on the production line, including a glass can feeding table, a disk "inserter" with a conveying disk for different packaging types, two 10 head independent fillers, an 8-workstation rotating capping machine, a first in first out collecting table, a disk "unloader" that returns the disk to the beginning of the production line, and a disk with an outer diameter of 2.6 inches Solvent resistant polypropylene disc 1.5 inches high. The control function of the production line is handled by Allen Bradley 5/05 and 5/03 PLC of Rockwell Automation

at the beginning of the production line, the operator pours plastic or aluminum tubes into the hopper/conveyor/feed bowl machine provided by hoppmann. The tubes are transferred to a belt elevator free of debris and sent to the sorting bowl of the centrifugal separator. The machine aligns the direction of the tubes to the vertical position, so that each tube is inserted into a disc by rpi-150-c disc inserter. The disc has a color code, the tube is green, and the glass bottle is blue. Red 14. Stretching space (mm): 600~1000 discs are used to remind the operator that the internal container represents the last container of the batch

the container enters the upper part of the star wheel of the two pockets. When the starwheel rotates, the container moves to a fixed plate stuck in the pocket. At the end of the fixed plate, the container gently falls into the lower disc, and then is transferred to one of two continuous pdf-

exp intermittent motion piston injectors

quick replacement

has two machines, which can work normally when the other one changes products or containers. A infeed starwheel instructs the container to enter the position below the 10 filling heads. A part of the nozzle is inserted into the threaded pipe to prevent paint splashing on the outside of the container during filling

"in the whole project, we focus on filling equipment, because we need to make a fast conversion." Dubots said. "In this production line, we have 212 different formulas, and we may need to make up to 25 conversions in each shift. With this production line, we can quickly change the height of the conveyor and the disc, and the conversion speed is fast."

switching from one filler to another, "Kim Choate, the company's marketing director, wrote on their station that the regulator, which uses PLC for rapid adjustment, can be completed in one minute. It takes about five minutes to adjust the coding, labeling and foaming packaging equipment. Guy said that the conversion can be completed without tools

post task

a hoppmann cover hopper/conveyor/feeder that can accommodate up to 20000 brush/cover components, and transfer the preassembled cover to the cover workstation. The tubes are conveyed around the rc-6c advantage disk capping machine at workstation 8. The cover/brush assembly enters the main turntable with 8 cover chuck workstations from the pickup area. The cover chuck picks up an assembly. When the machine rotates, the cam lowers the chuck. The thread of the pipe is engaged with the rotating cover, and the machine applies the required torque to complete the capping function

the disc transports the covered tube along the conveyor to a width of 36 inches × 96 inch long collecting table, which can hold up to 500 containers, using the first in first out method. In the lower section, ilpr-150 disc unloader uses a claw belt that fixes the pipe, and the disc continues to be transmitted to the discharge conveyor that transfers it to the beginning of the production line

at the same time, when the pipe passes through the dialog Linx 6800 small character inkjet barcode machine, the gripper belt on the side fixes the pipe. When it is transferred into the double headed label machine with zero standby time, the barcode machine marks the date code, shift number and part number on the bottom of the pipe. Each tube is loaded into a "pocket" between the rollers of the roller chain conveyor. When labeling, the winding belt at the top turns the tube. Tursso offers rolling feed wrapped pressure sensitive labels

the pipe continues to be transported along the S-shaped conveyor to the lower stage rotary foaming packaging machine provided by algus packaging. The machine sends instructions to the card inserting workstation to add cards supported by cardboard at the card inserting workstation before inserting the foam package at the bottom. The foam packaging is ultrasonically sealed by the machine provided by algus at the next workstation

great advantages

differentiated brands expects to produce 4million scratch fix 2in1 products in plastic packaging, 3million products in aluminum tubes and 1million products in glass cans every year. "We bought this production line, which can meet other capabilities needed in the future." Guy said

compared with the equipment used in the original scratch fix production line, the new production line "improves our hv-50a Vickers hardness tester's ability to test diamond internal workflow and serve customers." He said. This is particularly important because the company promises to provide services to customers within 24 hours or less

the speed of this production line is 140 pieces/minute, twice that of the original production line. "Less handling, therefore, lower labor intensity." Dubots added. "The basis for judging the purchase of this production line is to use less manufacturing settings. We have done this and are working in two shifts, running six days a week to support the loading of products. In the future, we will move to five days a week

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