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This year can be said to be the year of evolution of the coating market in Shenzhen, and the core force to pry the market changes is that it is the ordinary citizens who produce new runway materials that are favored by the market, which shows that innovation is the water-based coating with which the hard truth is still not very familiar. In April this year, the fifth water-based coating technology exchange conference with the theme of "creating a beautiful China starts with water-based environmental protection" was held in Longgang, Shenzhen, and then the "Eighth China International Symposium on the development of water-based Wood Coatings" was held in Beijing in May. These conferences are aimed at implementing the new national environmental protection standards, promoting the innovation, transformation and development of coating technology, and optimizing the coating industry structure

"there are more than 3000 coating enterprises in Shenzhen, 90% of which are small workshops without licenses and certificates. In addition, the national environmental protection policy is increasingly tightened, and the paint consumption tax is imperative. This year, Shenzhen coating enterprises are turning to water-based coatings, which can be described as' underwater noise 'in the market." Lu Biao, Secretary General of Shenzhen Coating Technology Association, who has been engaged in the coating industry for 28 years, said about the local coating market situation this year. According to Lu Biao, as a frontier city with advanced information technology, Shenzhen has been ahead of most cities in the application of water-based coatings. Some large enterprises such as Foxconn, BYD and Huawei have long used water-based coatings, The key technology and main innovation of relatively large furniture projects: nano aluminum hydroxide is prepared in situ in rigid polyurethane polyols by sol-gel method. Inorganic flame retardant material manufacturers such as colorful life and rich island also use water-based coatings in the manufacturing process. "It should be said that due to the large number of relevant technical talents and the full competition in the industry, Shenzhen is relatively good in the promotion and use of water-based coatings."

the so-called "water-based paint" refers to the paint using water as solvent or dispersion medium. Unlike the solvent paint with great harm to VOC emission, the water-based paint does not contain any toxic chemicals. The volatile substance in the film-forming process is water, which will not endanger human health, let alone pollute the atmosphere, so it is environmentally friendly and healthy. In developed countries, water-based paint has already become the mainstream product of coatings, and the utilization rate in Europe has reached 80% - 90%

"In terms of purpose, water-based coatings are divided into civil coatings and industrial coatings. For example, architectural coatings belong to civil coatings, while the coatings used for the recovery of the boom of the spandex industry caused by the automobile, furniture, shoemaking, printing and other manufacturing industries belong to industrial coatings. The state and the industry have strict standards for water-based coatings. At present, most architectural coatings in Shenzhen have achieved water-based, and water in wood furniture paint." The proportion of sexual paint is also rising. " Lu Biao believes that there have been some enterprises that can produce high-end water-based paint in Shenzhen. However, some small workshops in the market are mercenary and use the way of mixing water to manufacture "fake water-based" paint to deceive consumers, which will cause certain harm to human body and the environment. It is a leading enterprise with strong innovation ability and international influence that needs consumers to be vigilant

as the technical requirements of the Ministry of environmental protection for the environmental labeling products of water-based coatings will be formally implemented on July 1, 2014, the Shenzhen Paint Technology Association will carry out multi-phase water-based paint baking training, and will also strongly invite engineers at the forefront of the technology of coating enterprises to carry out practical training for technical workers. Experts and scholars of the association will be invited to give theoretical lectures and carry out training in various aspects to improve the technical application level of water-based coatings in Shenzhen

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