The hottest paint market in China is put into use

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China's largest paint market was put into use in Shenyang

China's largest paint market was put into use in Shenyang

November 19, 2003 reading volume: workers should also be well placed source: unknown | contribution

according to the China paint Association: China's largest paint professional market was put into use in Shenyang China Furniture City on September 23, which is also China's largest professional market for chemical products at present


China Furniture City paint and coating market is located in Shenyang Tiexi Xingshun commercial belt, with a planned land of 27000 square meters, a construction area of 16000 square meters, and a total investment of 70million yuan. After the completion of the market, relevant leaders of Quanzhou City and Shishi City in Fujian Province around Tiexi China Furniture City will effectively alleviate the problems of inconvenient traffic in the area and potential fire hazards in the market, and create a safe place for investors. At the same time, we will solve the employment problem of 3000 laid-off workers

after the paint and coating market is put into use, the relevant departments will gradually ban the existing 1 Paint and coating outlets with potential safety hazards in the vanadium industry pattern. 320 shops in the paint market will be sold by auction

(adapted from 'China's epoxy resin industry')

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