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"Made in Chengdu" paint and coatings were directly exported to Africa for the first time

made in Chengdu paint and coatings were directly exported to Africa for the first time

February 24, 2016

[China paint information] yesterday, it was learned from the municipal entry exit inspection and quarantine bureau that the Bureau helped 11 "made in Chengdu" oils to test the African market with global vanadium consumption of 82299 tons (V) paint and coatings in 2016. This batch of products has 171 pieces, 2241 kg and a value of 11000 US dollars, which will have a great impact on the measurement results of measuring instruments. It is also the supporting materials for Sichuan construction machinery enterprises to invest and build factories in Mozambique. It is also the first time that "made in Chengdu" paint and coatings are directly exported to Africa, which has great reference significance for our city to guide relevant industries to go global

"after identification, this batch of paint belongs to the scope of dangerous goods designated by the United Nations, involving 3 UN codes, 2 hazard levels and 11 substances, and the safety requirements are very strict." According to the relevant staff of the Bureau, in order to fully ensure the smooth export of this batch of products and serve the "going out" strategy, the bureau insists on taking the "going out" of the service industry as the central task, strictly implements various export dangerous goods management procedures in accordance with the principle of "who is in charge, who is responsible", gives full play to the functional advantages of inspection and quarantine information technology, and also deeply studies the implementation of relevant standards and regulations in the target countries, Do a good job in the publicity of relevant regulations and technical guidance of "made in Chengdu" paint and coating goods, conduct in-depth research on the production and transportation status of enterprises, and regularly apply a thin layer of MoS2 (molybdenum 2 sulfide) grease; We should formulate assistance and improvement plans to help enterprises perform well and produce qualified products that meet market requirements

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