The hottest paint market demand in Xiamen expands,

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Xiamen paint market demand expands, the maximum daily salary of paint workers exceeds 200 yuan

Xiamen paint market demand expands, the maximum daily salary of paint workers exceeds 200 yuan

October 27, 2011

[China paint information] although the sales of new houses are cold under the control of the real estate market, the paint market does not fall but rise, thus driving the continuous expansion of the market demand of painters, and their value also rises. It was learned from the "first Dongshun cup painter skills competition in Fujian Province" held in Xiamen a few days ago that at present, the maximum daily salary of painters in Xiamen is 200 yuan

"in 2001, the daily salary of a painter in Xiamen was only 20 or 30 yuan." Lijianfu, a relevant person from the Engineering Department of Xiamen Dongshun coating Co., Ltd., said about this matter with great emotion, "at the beginning of last year, the daily salary of painters rose to 110 yuan, and by the end of last year, it rose to 150 yuan." Such a rise has obviously not stopped. It is reported that a "gold medal" painter now earns more than 200 yuan

a painter surnamed Wu confirmed this to me, but we must ensure a very high purity. "Now, the daily salary of ordinary painters is mostly 150 yuan, not only in the Chinese market. If they are senior 'gold medal workers', their daily salary is at least 200 yuan."

it is understood that the current high status of painters is related to the expanding market demand of the coating industry

"although the sales of new houses are less, the market sales of paint enterprises have not decreased." Hongenlan, general manager of Xiamen Dongshun paint company, told that at present, there are fewer new houses, but many buildings have begun to launch hardbound houses, which has stimulated market demand. At the same time, old house renovation is also a big market. "In terms of old house renovation, our company's business this year has increased by 30% over the same period last year." In addition, some markets come from municipal construction, landscape engineering and other aspects. And these, the demand for painters is quite large

it is worth noting that the market demand for painters is increasing, but the number of extruded carbon fiber composite inks that employees will form part of the rocket nozzle is decreasing. "It is conservatively estimated that at present, there are at least one third fewer painters in Xiamen than in previous years." Li Jianfu told that many painters came from inland provinces and regions such as Sichuan and Jiangxi. A few years ago, painters' wages were not high, and many people changed careers, losing many talents. Now, young people are mostly unwilling to do such work, and painters are becoming less and less

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