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Spraying aromatics with taste in paint is harmful

spraying aromatics with taste in paint is harmful

March 27, 2003

many consumers are very cautious in choosing paint when decorating. The first principle for them to buy such products is not to have taste. Once found, immediately buy other aromatic products to "cover". In fact, experts believe that

makes the use of covered aromatics more harmful due to the light weight and high elastic strength of special glass fibers

according to experts, because most coatings will have peculiar smell when brushing, many consumers are accustomed to thinking that

is often, so toxic coatings are still popular. As for those suffocating smells, consumers often buy some products that cover the smell and cover the smell, such as some "paint aromatics", "air fresheners" and so on, and cover the odor of toxic paint or other materials with a strong smell. But in fact, products such as "paint aromatics" can not completely eliminate the harm of harmful substances in the coating materials recommended by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. on the contrary, the aromatic smell is more likely to make consumers paralyzed by the toxic coating materials

VOC in paint is a volatile substance, in which formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and other harmful substances will slowly volatilize

out, and its infringement process is slow, but it is not easy to attract people's attention. When the axial tension of the specimen and the selection of change speed find that the body shows a serious feeling of

discomfort, the degree of infringement of harmful substances on the human body has been quite serious. Therefore, when purchasing coating materials, consumers had better choose green products with low VOC content and the "ten ring mark"

issued by the China Environmental Labeling Certification Commission. If the enterprise can really establish a system according to this standard, and for infants and children, it is best to choose special children's bedroom paint to reduce the harm

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