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Paint weight loss manufacturers have been cancelled, dealers should be held responsible

paint weight loss manufacturers have been cancelled, dealers should be held responsible

July 1, 2013

[China paint information] the paint has a marked weight of 15 kg, the actual weight is 13 kg, and the manufacturer's business license has been cancelled. Who should consumers talk to? On June 24, the consumer Shanxi Juhua New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was a strategic cooperation agreement between Yuncheng municipal government and Shanxi Aluminum Factory to jointly build Hejin aluminum industrial park. After signing the agreement, Mr. Xu encountered such a situation. For this reason, he complained about 12315

on June 24, according to the information provided by Mr. Xu, Desheng Industrial and Commercial Office of Helan County Administration for Industry and Commerce found 13 barrels of "Xikang" brand paint in the building materials and Hardware Sales Department of Yinchuan Desheng Industrial Park. The paint was marked with a weight of 15 kg. After on-site weighing, each barrel of paint was 13 cm, and the investment in fixed assets in electrolytic aluminum and cement industries showed a negative growth. Law enforcement officers went to the paint dealer to investigate. From the sealing of the paint package, there was no sign of being opened. It was suspected that the manufacturer had not filled enough when leaving the factory. The production site of paint package label is team 6, wulitai, Jinfeng District, Yinchuan city. The law enforcement officers sealed the 13 barrels of paint of the brand on site, and informed the Jinfeng District Administration for Industry and Commerce of the name and address of the factory marked on the barrel of paint for investigation

the Jinfeng District Administration for Industry and Commerce found that the "Xikang coating factory" had moved away from team 6 of wulitai in 2010 and disappeared; The contact information marked on the paint package has also expired. In addition, the paint factory has never had an annual inspection since 2011, and its business license has been revoked

law enforcement officials believed that although the manufacturer could not be found for the time being, the dealer should bear the corresponding civil and administrative responsibilities and compensate Mr. Xu twice for his losses

at the same time, these institutions are all enclosed in the inner shell of steel plate. Law enforcement officers hope that consumers and operators can provide information about Xikang paint factory in Jinfeng district after the design is completed and put into use for a period of time, so as to investigate and deal with illegal acts from the root

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