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Paint purchase is more cost-effective, personalized service has become a new highlight

paint purchase is more cost-effective, personalized service has become a new highlight

October 12, 2007

[China paint information] the sales of paint and paint are becoming more and more personalized to meet the needs of different consumer groups

if you observe carefully, it is not difficult to find that for the paint industry in Xi'an, brands and series are constantly updated, and it seems that the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. With the rise of raw material prices, transportation costs and labor costs are also rising, profits naturally become thinner, and competition intensifies. Therefore, there is no need to avoid throttling losses and overflow losses. So how can we win our place in the fierce competitive environment? Therefore, personalized service has quietly become a new highlight in the competition of paint and coating industry

fierce competition urges enterprises to seek change

according to the analysis of industry insiders, at present, the domestic paint industry in China is highly competitive, and the market share of all brands is not in an absolute monopoly position. According to the Brazilian ambassador to China waldma carnero Leon, it is unlikely to further expand the market share by selling paint and coatings through traditional sales channels, but only innovation will increase the market opportunities. Looking at the history of the development of the paint industry, it can be seen that the paint industry is experiencing the progressive development of quality, brand and service. With the fierce market competition and the continuous improvement of the quality of consumers, enterprises continue to seek change and innovation, and service will become one of the important factors for products to attract consumers

paint purchase pays more attention to cost performance

although the brands and product types of paint are increasing, it is undoubtedly the best choice for consumers to choose paint with high cost performance. According to insiders, the important principle of choosing paint is not only to choose products with excellent quality and brand, but also cost performance is an important reference index. As we all know, harmful substances in inferior paint will harm human health. At present, many parameters of harmful substances of some well-known brands not only fully comply with domestic indicators, but also are close to or even reach the index parameters of international well-known brands. At present, although the competition in Xi'an paint retail industry tends to be more intense, most well-known brands rely on quality, perfect service and superior environmental protection performance to win the trust of consumers

insiders suggest that, in fact, for ordinary consumers, the easiest way to identify the quality of paint is to lift the paint bucket and shake it. If there is a murmur, it indicates that the weight is seriously insufficient, the weight is less, and the viscosity may be too low. Most of the regular manufacturers are genuine, and there is almost no sound in a flash. At the same time, take a look at the outer packaging of the paint. The packaging of the genuine paint has clear information such as trademark, origin, contact, net weight, enterprise commitment standards, etc., and its stations can be opened. The miscellaneous paint is often marked with false places. Most domestic instruments are in a low-grade homogeneous competitive state, and stations

personalized services win market popularity

how can we obtain a larger market in the fierce competition? In addition to product quality, many brands play the "trump card" of personalized services

although nature has colorful colors, it is not easy to move home the colors you like. Because of this demand psychology of consumers, some brands have launched personalized color matching services to promote sales, which can be described as timely and suitable

this kind of on-site prepared paint not only maintains the advantages of traditional water-based paint, such as non-toxic, tasteless, easy to clean and simple to apply, but also has moderate price and can mix out a myriad of colors, so it is very popular with consumers. Since the launch of the color matching service, it has not only been recognized by consumers, but also enriched the creative space of designers. At present, the color matching service is not only used on the wall, but also extends to the wood paint. In this way, consumers can not only determine the color of the wall, but also freely create the color of all indoor furniture and wood decorations. Even the indoor cast iron pipes and radiators can be painted into the color loved by consumers

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