The hottest paint market is about to usher in an i

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The paint market is about to usher in a major industry reshuffle

the paint market is about to usher in a major industry reshuffle

April 16, 2014

[China paint information] compared with the development of the paint industry in other Western countries with servo electromechanical as the power source, China's paint industry is still in the low-end market, focusing on adjusting the overall demand structure, and the environmental protection performance is not very good. Therefore, taking advantage of the spring breeze of the 12th Five Year Plan, China's paint testing instrument is equivalent to the hidden ordnance industry, which may face a new round of reshuffle

in view of the disadvantages of the development of China's coating industry, the state and relevant industry institutions issued the "12th Five Year Plan for standardization development of the coating industry"

the plan has made clear instructions for the development focus of China's coating industry in the next few years. In the next few years, the development focus of China's coating industry will be to accelerate the development of products with independent knowledge, replace some old products with low performance and serious pollution, promote the research and development and promotion of new technologies and new products, promote the development of advanced technologies in the coating industry, and lead product orientation and market orientation, Make the advanced production technology and products gradually meet the needs of domestic coating product structure adjustment

in the transformation process of the whole industry, backward enterprises with low production capacity will face the risk of being eliminated. However, from the current development status of the whole industry and the personal qualities of domestic entrepreneurs, this transformation of standards such as ball pulley may not be able to promote the reshuffle of China's coating industry, because the significance of standard formulation is implementation and standardization, while most of China's coating standards are not mandatory, In addition, due to the inadequate supervision of various departments and the insufficient supervision of many enterprises themselves, even the industry standards that are easy to achieve are not strictly implemented by many small enterprises, which are in vain, so it is difficult to play the role of shuffling. The actual situation of the current market has been reflected; At the same time, if the standard is set too low and unreasonable, it will make it difficult for enterprises that do not operate in a standardized way to fish in troubled waters

therefore, behind the perfect standards, they need to be implemented to the letter, which also requires the cooperation between relevant law enforcement departments and coating enterprises before they can take effect. If there is resistance in the actual process of law enforcement, or the implementation is not effective, the standard may not achieve the desired effect

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