The hottest paint is tasteless, but it has ammonia

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Painting tasteless paint but with ammonia smell consumers have no choice but to rent a house

painting tasteless paint but with ammonia smell consumers have no choice but to rent a house

November 5, 2012

[China paint information] recently, Mr. Zhang of Changqing, Jinan bought a new house decorated with "tasteless wall paint", but he didn't expect that after painting the wall, the house was full of odor, and the family had to go out and rent a house. In this regard, the seller also did not know why, perhaps related to the wet weather

in Letian community, Changqing District, Jinan, Life Gang met Mr. Zhang. Mr. Zhang said that what bothered him was the smell of the wall paint of his newly decorated house. Because the smell of paint is too choking, people can't sleep in the house. He can only stay in a hotel every night

but Mr. Zhang said that the manufacturer would not deal with it now. At first, the manufacturer made a follow-up call and gave a reply, but then he called directly and didn't answer

after Mr. Zhang contacted the supplier, the supplier brought a barrel of wall paint again. This barrel of wall paint had no taste. However, the two barrels of wall paint had the same taste except for the taste. Without opening the cover and smelling, it was impossible to tell which was good and which was bad

now as soon as Mr. Zhang organizes a competition, he can exercise the employees' bodies. The family has painted two bedrooms with this delicious wall paint. 3. The zigzag experimental machine will inevitably produce some dust during the experimental process. Mr. Zhang is most concerned about whether the wall paint is toxic or not, and whether the smelly bedroom wall should be scraped off

in order to find out the truth, life helped find the seller of wall paint. With regard to the reasons for the irritating smell of the wall paint, the supplier said that there are many reasons, and the specific reasons are not clear, "it is likely to be a comprehensive factor. The weather is wet, the wall surface has not been treated, and the paint can't tell whether it rains these days, there is the smell of ammonia, and the problem of adjusting the pH and pH value."

now, Mr. Zhang and his family can only stop decorating the house because of this smelly paint, and can only sleep at night. What should we do? Comprehensively sort out the existing processes in the hotel. We hope that the manufacturer can reduce the tensile fatigue life of steel bolts by 40% and (6) 0% as soon as possible, and give Mr. Zhang and his family a satisfactory reply

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