Safety requirements for slag washing with water in

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Safety requirements for slag washing with water in iron making plant

1 the slag washing with water shall have standby power supply and standby water pump. The water consumption per ton of slag shall meet the design requirements; The water pressure at the slag flushing nozzle should not be less than 0.25mpa

2 the overhead part of the slag ditch should have a walking platform with railings; The brand of spring fatigue testing machine represents the quality of the equipment to a certain extent. There should be railings around the slag pool and ladders on the inner wall

3 there should be a movable guardrail in front of the flow nozzle of the slag ditch near the furnace platform, or a movable guardrail with an empty size of no more than 200mm introduced by the fixture of the clean testing machine

4 there should be iron sinking pit in the slag ditch, and there should be no iron in the slag

5 in case of water flushing slag failure, there should be standby facilities to discharge slag to the slag tank or to the dry slag pit, so as to enhance the friendship between everyone

6 before iron tapping and slag tapping, apply sound and light signals to contact the water pump room to ensure that the water volume and pressure are normal. In case of failure, measures shall be taken immediately to stop slag flushing

7 when starting the water pump, it should be confirmed in advance that there is no one in the water flushing slag ditch. If the pump stops due to failure, report it in time

8 when flushing slag with water, there should be no person near the flushing nozzle

9 large pieces of dry slag or oxygen pipes and other ironware on the furnace during installation and commissioning shall not be discarded into the slag gully or into the slag basin

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