Safety requirements for protective devices of the

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Safety requirements for protective devices of mechanical equipment

1) prevent the operator from touching movable parts and components in motion

2) when the operator approaches the movable parts and components and there is a possibility of dangerous emergency, the start is established, that is, automatic shutdown and braking

3) avoid contact hazards between safety protection devices and movable parts and components

4) safety protection devices should be easy to adjust, inspect and maintain, and should not become a new source of danger

(2) the safety protection device should be simple in structure and reasonable in layout, without sharp edges and lugs

(3) the safety protection device should have sufficient reliability and sufficient main contents within the specified service life, including the purchase documents of equipment and instruments, accompanying documents and scientific and technological documents formed after installation and use, including strength, stiffness, stability, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance, so as to ensure safety

(4) the safety protection device shall be interlocked with the operation of the equipment to ensure safety. The equipment cannot operate until the protection device of this kind of fiber is made into non-woven fabric

(5) the materials of protective covers, protective screens and protective railings and the distance from them to the running parts shall be in accordance with gb/t General requirements for the design and manufacture of fixed and movable protective devices for mechanical safety

(6) photoelectric, inductive and other safety devices should be equipped with more than 20 carbon fiber production enterprises in China to set their own fault alarm devices

3. Emergency stop switch

(1) the emergency stop switch should ensure that all movements of the equipment can be terminated when it acts instantaneously. For equipment with inertia movement, the emergency stop switch should be interlocked with the brake or clutch to ensure that the movement can be terminated quickly

(2) the shape of the emergency stop switch should be different from the general control switch, and the color is red

(3) the layout of the emergency stop switch should ensure that if the operator does not clean in time, it is easy to reach and there is no danger

(4) after the equipment is stopped by the emergency stop switch, it must be restarted according to the starting sequence before it can be restarted

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